Everybody has their own unique DreamKeeper - now YOURS will appear in the next volume of the graphic novel series!

Have your own custom dreamkeeper drawn by David Lillie! You specify every detail of it's appearance and personality! For $15 you get a unique one- of - a - kind sketch of your dreamkeeper, with a signature from the creator. And the comic has lots of crowd shots and background scenes, so YOUR character will be somewhere in the next book, for all the world to see.

you get:

*Your own custom character drawn by David Lillie, with a signature.

*A cameo in the next graphic novel

For $15

To purchase, make payment using the button on the right. Then send an additional e-mail to Dreamkeeperscomic@gmail.com. In the e-mail, tell me all about how you want your character to look - hair, ears, tail, skin texture, stripe placement, spikes, fins, eye shape, anything you want. You can even e-mail me an image to base it from. If you want your character to appear in the comic, I'll will e-mail you a waiver to sign, so you can't sue me for it later. 8 )

Color is optional for an additional $10 - you will recieve a color print of your character in addition to your original sketch.

Commissions are closed until Further notice! Sorry!