Reaper Bones Gearwyrm Clockwork Dragons CUSTOM PAINTED made to order


Featured on Deviant Art's daily deviation, posted in the Reaper inspirational gallery, and seen at Anthrocon from my private collection, I have had several offers for this dragon.

My Reaper's 'Bones' clockwork gearwyrm dragon is custom painted and available to order in a bronze and ice-blue. Free standing on gold colored gears and at an impressive seven inches tall, I am offering five open slots for said dragons.

This Reaper 'Bones' dragon model is also available unpainted on their website,

Please allow four-six weeks for my materials to arrive and the individual dragons to be painted. Free shipping is included when shipped in the United States.

Allow 4-6 weeks for painting.







If you have any questions about your order, contact us at
Thank you for the order!

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