Illustration Gallery
Here is the Thank-you artwork that was voted highest from the 10 choices! Grunn, forced to dress as a mall Santa and deal with children. He really looks like he's enjoying himself here... Thanks to everyone for +80,000 hits!
A sketch of Mace and Whip up to no good in Grunn's private office.
Bast making a shady hand off.
Nice pic of Bast facing off against an evil Nightmare. Lilith is taking a nap in the forground.
A montage of nasty characters! Watch out for them in the coming books.
Lilith, Mace, and Whip enjoying some quality time in the long-grasses.
I drew this sketch awhile back, after hearing some good news on preliminary publishing prospects.
This pic is also a limited edition poster, of which there will only be 100 copies ever made.
Sketch of Lilith being cute.
Whip and Lilith meet Michael Jackson 2037.
Tinsel pose from the book - notice the glittery hair. Yes, the hair is really nice on this picture. Can't stop looking at the, um hair...