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A really nice drawing of Namah toying with her power, by the talented Twilight!


A funny single panel gag (no pun intended) comic that's based off Prelude #74! Just a note, this joke is suggestive, so minors use discretion.

Another fun peice of artwork, fromthe generous Nightwatcher06 of Deviant Art!



Check out the awesome entries in the 2007 DK Halloween Fanart contest!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Congratulations to Stormy, for her impressive entry! Besides the obvious fun of Bast in a dress, many other character from the series are featured in a beautiful room, with nice, moody lighting - the emotional interplay between some of the characters pushed this one just over the top of the extremely close competitors. Check out more art from this creator at her sites,



Enjoy Volume 2 when it arrives, Stormy! (For anyone interested, Pre-Orders of V2 have opened today)

GRAND PRIZE RUNNER UP: Ed clinches the runner up prize with his awesome Prelude comic - hilarious idea coupled with awesome visuals make this an instant classic for DreamKeepers. Don't miss more creative material from this artist - check out his webcomic site below!


The CREEPY AWARD goes to Wicked459 from DeviantArt! Namah is decked out in her seasonal best here - meticulous detail and a really fun pose! Plus nice atmospheric shading in the background!
The CREEPY AWARD RUNNER UP is awarded to Nick Cavalier, for his scarily textured shadow - casting drawing of Wisp! Excellent work again - anyone unfamiliar with Cavalier's work should be sure to check out his website, http://thecavalierexperience.com/
The BEST COSTUME AWARD goes to StarSeal, for her awesome Sizz-lor costume, and the amazingly apt Violet costume for Wisp! Some side-busting captions make this entry all the more appealing, on top of the subtle lighting and shadowing on the characters, which gives an excellent weight to Scuttles. I LOVE this entry!
The BEST COSTUME AWARD RUNNER UP goes to Kaaziel, for the pirate Mace and Whip! Whip as a parrot....Yes, yes, and more yes. Nice art and fun expressions!
The FUNNY IDEA AWARD is won by the hilarious Scuttles comic, also by Kaaziel. There's not too much to say about this one, you just have to read it... For me, it was love at first sight.
The FUNNY IDEA RUNNER UP goes to this entry - Bast as a poke'mon character - and not all too willingly.
Check out this pic of Namah dressed as Nara Kilday from the comic series Dead@17 - Lilith is going this year as Tohru Honda from the anime seriesFruit Basket!
Mace gets himself in trouble with Whip - an all too common occurence. Nobody wants a flying mouse with bear-trap jaws chasing them...
I like the color choice in this entry, which fits into the theme nicely!
If Harry Potter liked anime, and DreamKeepes, and was in the right mindset, he might be thinking of this...
Fun! Nabonidus and Paige - but the two characters are done as caricatures of Me 'n Liz. Liz came out cute, and I came out... We'll say enthusiastic. Accuracy makes this entry extra fun!
Another day, another session getting tied to a defunct ship's mast by a giant ill tempered shark. You know how it is.
Tinsel goes spectre in this ghostly entry! I guess if Tinsel were a ghost, she would decline invisibility, wouldn't she?
This entry is fun and a half - Nightmare Jack-o-lanterns. Do not view if you are averse to decapitations of children.
Jenaviv from Chapter 1 of DreamKeepers - back, and it looks like she's gone from the frying pan and into the fire. If the fire is full demons and monsters and bats and other various red things....
Werewolf - the perfect touch to any Halloween bash!
Mace is rather unhappy with his costume - but Lilith and Namah seem perfectly pleased!


If you like Namah, and if you like Gregori, and you like taping yourself into a room in order to facilitate self-asphyxiation, then check out this sweet fanart from Ed of Middlecenter (PS - check out Middlcenter at www.middlecenter.com)

A full body shot of Ed's above illustration. I really like the lighting in this piece a lot!

A great croup shot of the DreamKeepers characters, complete with logo - this is definitely worth a good look, I was tickled when we got this piece of fanart!

Check out the artist's website here - http://www.twilight-wolf.net/

If Namah's plan in Prelude HAD worked, it might have gone something like this....
The ever present Robot Army scenario... A must for any occasion of class.
Some really nice artwork by Ed of middlecenter. 'Prelude' Lilith in her nightie - Very well done! To see more of Ed and Stormy's work, be sure to visit their webcomic middlecenter here.
Cool piece by one of the awesome dealers of the 2007 Morphicon in Columbus, Ohio - Some nice lineart of Namah!
Awesome Ryuu-neko sketches! This character is really cute. Check out Foxenawolf's deviant art here - She's got some other cool pics up as well!

A cool character done by Sirin Shadowfire - here's her Deviant art - LINK

I really like some of the detailing on this character, especially the way the hair falls around the shoulders.



Fanart from the 2006 Halloween Fanart Contest is in the orange section - below is more fanart!

Here is the winner! Free Limited Edition of Volume 1 for this entrant! Every character is in a specific costume, and everything!- see what the artist wrote about his piece on deviant art. Here's the link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41984793/

He's got a lot of other cool stuff in his gallery too, go have a Halloween treat and check it out.

I was forced to choose a second place entry, this one and the one below tied for second. They'll both get %50 off their pre-order thingy. The coloring and lineart are both really smooth - this one is Lilith as an ultra - spy! Sam Fisher style, night vision and everything. Really cool!
Here's the other second place entry - Bast as a Quidditch player, how cool is that? Looks like he's about to get hammered by some beaters. This entrant also recieved 50% off their book. From here on out, the entries are posted in no particular order.
Some pencil art of Bast, discovering his Dreamkeepers power - he looks a little startled!
Some awesome moody fanart focusing on the demonic side of the series - I went ahead and pulled some family-friendly editing action on this pic, hope the artist doesn't mind too much. I just had these nightmare visions of parents tracking me down and screaming about how traumatized their children are...
A big cool montage pic! Nice background, too - very in line with the theme! It had a lot of the characters from the series, plus a bonus custom Dreamkeeper!
Tinsel wins the title of 'Harvest Queen' again. Luckiest pumpkin ever.
Another cool fanart featuring a pumpkin - and one of Whip's bad habits popping up again. This one has Paige in it too, which is really neat.
Some nice lineart of a Namah-esque Dreamkeeper. Check out the coolness!
Some magical spells make for an interesting costume on Cuddles, the Ryuu-neko. Boy, does he look enthusiastic...
Watch out - Mace is dressed to kill!
Lilith featured being very cute - Halloween was never this adorable until now.
Check out the design on this custom Dreamkeeper! Very cool, even has detailed armor costuming.
Namah dressed as a devil - I really like how this one came out. She looks cool with the makeup and hair - coloring changing her appearance - nice costume!
UNDEAD WHIP! He eats everything - including you! Quite the cool piece! I don't know how one would escape from a floating zombie vampire thing...

Wow. Ya know, I didn't think there would be a last place, but I guess there is. This person should owe me a book. Just kidding, but seriously - it's pretty funny - check it out!


A nice pic of an implied scene which occured in Volume 1, featuring Paige.
A friend of mine did a nice drawing of the Underlord from Chapter 1 for me.
An awesome life - sized plushy of Whip! This one belongs to David, made special by Liz Thomas. The arms and legs can even pivot in their joints!
A cool sculpture of Mace.
This drawing was given to us at the SPACE convention - it's a girl's version of her own Dreamkeeper.
A quick sketch made by a cool person for us at Anime Punch. Good old Bast...
Sweet Sculpy figurine of a Plant Ryuu-neko - check out the size in relation to a penny!
Nice Paige drawing from an art trade at Morphicon.
Tiny little Whip sculpture - aww, he's sad.
Warning! Mature content... which I have censored the living daylights out of. Still mature though! Children stay away! Bad children, return to your spongebob and your joyful innocent outlooks! Santa will bring you no presents for looking in here.