Desktops Gallery
A nice shot of Mace and some friends together. See how happy everyone is!
A cool desktop made from the cover artwork for Volume 1 of the series.
Some random concept art of what it would be like if Bast was evil, it was originally an idea for a story direction that gpt changed. This and most other art currently in here was created before Volume 1 was even made, so it's very outdated.
Early, early concept art for Bast and the other DreamKeepers. Early.
What happens when you mix together a few DreamKeepers and a huge otherworldly nightmare creature?
Creature vrs. DreamKeepers - this was concept art for their powers, and does not necessarily match with the final story.
This makes a cool background - a nice group pose of everyone over the defeated carcass of their enemy.
Artwork from the Chapter 2 page of Volume1. Gee, what's that huge splatter?
Artwork from the Chapter 3 page of Volume 1.
An early turnaround of Mace, before we had the colors completely settled on.
A cool panel from the comic turned into a desktop.