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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Wulfspyder
Wulvarius Berson
Gender: Male
Power: (Flame Shield) Whenever Wulvarius enters his powered state, a layer of fire will entirely cover his body. His skin, fur, and clothing are not burned by the fire and the "shield" protects him from any and all heat sources. This means that in his powered state, he is capable of stepping into molten metal, or rock, without being burnt. The shield will burn anyone that comes into contact with it, and if contact is held long enough the unfortunate foe will likely be caught on fire. Dousing him with water will temporarily put out the shield; if his power is inhibited in this way, the water will quickly begin to steam as his power continually attempts to re-ignite the shield causing a repeating consumption of his own body's energy until the fire shield resumes or he exits his powered state. And he can still be harmed through the kinetic force of fire based explosions.
District: Kojiki (primary residence), but commonly wanders about other districts
Affiliation: Sabbaton Towers Maintenance
Quote: "If there's a chance to burn bright and hot, grab it and don't let go."
Allies: Sabbaton Towers Maintenance Staff
Enemies: Politics
About: Halo Color: Burning Orange

Physical Description: Wulvarius stands 5' 11" (1.8 meters) tall and weighs roughly 160lbs (72kg 575g). His body is most similar to that of a Red Fox, however his fur has a distinctive color pattern. The majority of his fur is a reddish-brown with black fox socks covering his feet and lower legs beginning at the knees, a white tip on the end of his tail, and black fur on the outside of his ears. While the sides of his upper jaw are colored cream-white, the entirety of his lower jaw is colored ink-black, which continues in an unbroken line down the front of his throat and onto his chest and stomach. Both of his arms are covered in stark white fur that begins at his shoulder joints. His hair is dark brown and worn in a ponytail that reaches down past his shoulders. His fur is noticeably thick on his shoulders and chest when he is not wearing a shirt or jacket. His legs are digitigrade and his toes are tipped by long, thick claws while his fingers have slender, sharp claws that are partially retractile.

Bio: Originally hailing from a farm on the Eridu Delta, Wulvarius was sent into Anduruna at the age of 15 to gain the education and better work life that his parents had not. Ten years later, Wooley, as he is often called because of his puffy fur, became a member of the Sabbaton Towers maintenance crews department and is commonly sent back and forth and up and down the tower throughout his work weeks. Never fully taking to the high class lifestyle of most working/living in the Towers, Wulvarius retains permanent living quarters in Kojiki and commutes through the nearest "port pad". In his off-time he likes to pick another District at random and wander about aimlessly, and spends his vacation time visiting his family in the Delta.

Wulvarius discovered his power during a freak accident during his educational training when a fire was started within the training building. Wulvarius was able to escape, unharmed, due to his fire shield power and managed to claim that he had left the building before the accident, which was partially true as he had been on a break-time from practice and had been in a room separate from his classmates.

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