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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Kafelnikov

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Gender: Male
Location: Midland, TX
Birthday: April 15 1987
Age: 34
Personal Quote: "Open your eyes and see what you can with them, before they close forever" ~All The Light We Cannot See
About: I'm an aerospace engineer and writer by trade. I am the author of The Wayward Astronomer dreamkeepers novel, and the administrator of the Dreamkeepers-Fans group on deviantArt.
Joined Forum:March 7th 2016 11:42am (2026 days ago)
Last Seen:December 13th 2016 12:55pm (1745 days ago)
Total Posts:28
Latest Post:The OC Battle Tournament is about to start to see who will emerge as the vi...
in OC Battle Tournament at December 13 2016 12:55pm