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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Scottieboy2020
Gender: Male
Power: Telekinesis
District: Norvondire District
Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Quote: "Is that all you've got?!"
Motive: Freedom
Allies: Troika (But they don't know)
Enemies: Nightmares and Dark Dreamkeepers (and Randy)
About: Decibel is a 17-year old with a strong sense of honor and a firm will to do the right thing. He believes that the more Nightmares he defeats, the safer Andaruna is, and therefore so is his family. Despite his constant fighting, he believes that, in the end, there may finally be peice and quiet in his homeland.

He has honed his Power in secret, finding innovative and highly useful ways to manipulate not just other objects, but his own kinetic energy as well. He can use his Telekinesis Power to not just push and pull, but self-levitate, make bladed weapons out of the air around him, and even manipulate matter at a molecular level.

He doesn't usually give Nightmares a chance to explain themselves while he slays them, but he holds a great disdain for killing Dark Dreamkeepers. He tries to help them to see the error of their ways, and while he is rarely if ever successful, he still has yet to kill a fellow DK.

His sword is a dark blue, with white sigils on the blade, a second arcing blade on the back to catch the opponents weapon, and a knuckle guard. It is a two handed weapon, but he usually uses one hand, leaving the other open for other purposes.

His markings glow slightly when seen in the dark, although his eyes only glow when he uses his power. They turn a light blue-green to match his halo, and that alone can blind opponents if he is angry.

His fighting style is a mix of boxing, muey thai, judo, and street brawling. Not afraid to fight dirty, he can often surprise opponents with his basic knowledge of multiple forms of martial arts. If need be, the fins on his arms can form a blade-like edge, but only in dire situations. He has yet to master this biological ability.

The symbol behind him is my signature mark, showing a winged diamond over a silver crescent moon.

If you want to see the full sword, you can use this link:
And yes, that is me in the photo and I did make that on my own.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 58

Latest Scene: In Hunting Party at 2:27pm April 23 2018:
(I'm tempted to revive this but... at the same time I got no idea what's going on anymore)