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Gender: Male
Location: Pleasantville, New Jersey
Birthday: April 4 2000
Age: 21
Personal Quote: Just one Christian trying to survive in the world.
About: A 19-year-old man currently living in Omaha, Nebraska who has a deep passion for Christ and the Word, and has dreams in becoming a professional car mechanic one day. Currently not that active here on the Forums due to everyone being on Discord now, so if you want to hang with me, reach to be at my tagname "thetalkedspy#0057".
I'm online here:

Righteousness, justice, stories, cars, art, etc.
Evil stuff, just, evil stuff.
Joined Forum:September 13th 2015 3:31pm (2195 days ago)
Last Seen:May 29th 2019 3:48pm (841 days ago)
Total Posts:424
Latest Post:I'm one. I literally just got baptized this Sunday, so I'm still a newbie. ...
in Christianity at May 11 2019 8:02pm