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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of TalkedSpy
Carlo Lee Calrissian
Gender: Male
Power: Enhanced Crafting
District: Calypsa
Affiliation: Troika, Valgarian Army
Quote: "One man versus the world......seems legit."
Motive: Surviving and enjoying a righteous life
Allies: Trioka
Enemies: Nightmares, Dark Dreamkeepers
About: Basic Statistics

Birth Name: Carlo Lee Calrissian
Age: 38
Birth Date: Aprilis 4th, 1189
Power: Enhanced Crafting
Current Anduruna District: Calypsa
Hometown: Everisko (Village located beyond the Starfall Mountains)
Affiliation: Troika, Valgarian Army
Occupation: Combat Engineer
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Favorite Sayings: “One man versus the world….seems legit.”, “Things don’t make you happy. You choose to be happy., “The meaning of life is to enjoy it to the fullest. Yeah, the world sucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some good fun and be happy.”
Motive: Surviving and enjoying a righteous life
Allies: Troika
Enemies: Nightmares, Dark Dreamkeepers, Unit 580 (unspecified yet)
Talents/Skills: Expertise on building, maintaining, and using weapons and equipment. Good reaction times, and satisfactory knowledge of combat tactics in firefights and melee fighting.

Physical Characteristics

Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 155 Ibs
Race: Dreamkeeper
Species: Raccoon
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Fur Color: Grey, white, and black.
Hair Color: N/A
Glasses: Yes
Speech Patterns: Pronunciation mistakes, and tending to speak quietly
Health: Satisfactory
Distinguishing Features: Tail is absent, with only the base of it being present. Possibly an injury from a past incident.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Mannerisms: Cracking neck, tending to adjust unorderly or out of place objects, shaking leg while sitting, slouching when working near desks.
Habits: Staying up late, constantly having various thoughts.
Hobbies: Video games, reading, illustrating, watching movies, and firearms practice.
Style: Quiet but friendly.
Greatest Flaws: Being anxious, self-conscious, easily frightened, and having low confidence.
Best Qualities: Honesty, having a moral compass, righteous, respectful, kind, and a high sense of humor.


Born in Davin, a small village located beyond the outskirts of the Starfall Mountains, Calrissian was born and grew up in a stable household with his mother, two siblings, and grandparents. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Calrissian had grown a great interest for the workings and designs of various types of machines and gadgets.

By the age of 18, Calrissian had enrolled into the Valgorian Army, a major military branch for the Valgaria nation, a great choice in order to afford college and pursue his passion in engineering. Within eight years, Calrissian had achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant, as the role of a combat engineer. Seeing the military holding a promising future for him, Calrissian continued being active until 1217. He is not willing to reveal as to why he left the army, but all he mentioned that he was put on honorable discharge after an “incident” during a reconnaissance mission with his squad. After said event, Calrissian had received two years of psychotherapy and medications for PTSD.

At 30, Calrissian moved to Calypsia, Anduruna, where he had accepted a job in mechanical engineering. Although his new career was what he passionate for when he was younger, Calrissian had felt he was insignificant compared to being on duty, where he finally landed into mediocrity. With little friends and no contact to his family, Calrissian had lived into an introvert lifestyle. However, on Julius 24th, 1222, Calrissian had accidently found out about enrollment offerings with the military organization, Troika. At first, Calrissian was skeptical and uneasy about the group, but after his interview with Nianso and his knowledge on the nightmares, he accepted the job with optimism and reassurance. As a result, Calrissian quitted his old job and joined us, currently as a Staff Sergeant in combat engineering. With the advanced technology and funding Troika had in store, Calrissian had built two combat suits, the CC1 and CCH1, two fully armored combat suits designed to tackle hostiles while protecting him. To add to this, Carlo has also built the Rorick Mk 1 Railgun, the SB Gauss Gun, white phosphorous grenades, and the invention of the plasma dagger.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 34

Latest Scene: In Are We Dead? at 5:18pm February 5 2018:
I can't do anything about it. If the forum is dead for good, we have the Discord channel as a great substitute. Everyone seems to prefer it more than here.