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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Javelin
Gender: Male
Power: Adrenaline
District: Margate
Affiliation: Dream keepers
Quote: "i give no power to intellect for it is no friend of mine"
Motive: to help his normal dream keeper allies and in return obtain his sanity that was not given to him as child
Allies: Troika
Enemies: Gov(Tyrants), Dark DreamKeepers(despise there methods of order through evil), nightmares
About: Weapon type: heavy gatling held spear gun
Primary fire: =spinning engine mechanism= to charge =rod launcher=
secondary: pile bunker mode
Melee capable: Ram, swing, thrust, over head ground slam, drilling,
Primary ammo: rod, cable shot,
Secondary ammo: pressurized air tank filler (needed to fire Rods)
Module: Gatling frame

Skills:Craftsmen ship, gadget builder, weapon modifier,

Helmet: optics (Material Tag Viser, DK data base

Main: Explosive resistant
Combat armor: brigand leather armor, iron Tabs

Alignment: chaotic nuetral

Bio: Sebastian has always never been bright do to being forged in his parents arguments and wasn't able to see the world through the hate his parents had for each other and one day vows to himself to find what makes the other dream keepers, dream keepers, by helping someone in need and by fighting injustice for Sebastian knows very well he is ill insane

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 241

Latest Scene: In Party Down in Talocan at 10:53pm February 13 2017:
Javelin has agreed with a little smile to Kymastriders request saying sure thing sir, with lack of social skills simply raised his hand up facing towards them as a greetings forgetting to wave the kids were confused with what plain gesture Javelin is presenting, Javelin was confused scratching his head.