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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of coolbreeze88
Tulsan Pravada
Gender: Male
Power: Invisibility
District: Nomadic but stops by party island to unwind once and a while.
Affiliation: chaotic good
Quote: "anyone who says this system is just is a bare face liar"
Motive: to "redistribute wealth" and bring about social change
Allies: none so far
Enemies: various district police departments
About: Tulsan Pravada was born to a somewhat wealthy merchant family in the far west mountain fringes of Norvondire. While his own life in its early stages was relatively comfortable, he learned over time at his school that there were people out there who were not as well off as he was.

He was never really bullied at school per say, but he has been deceived into doing embarrassing things which, over time, made him distrusting of certian people and even mildly paranoid.

Later on he began overhearing the gossip on the alleged atrocities that go on in a certain orphanage on the east coast, on how the kids were beaten for so much as complaining and forced to eat porridge while the "Dean" sweeps up a huge profit and cares more about his porn than the welfare of the children.

to just imagine anyone growing up without even their parents to comfort them, sickening.

All because their parents could never afford to raise them, bastards of the system as they say.

It was then at some point in his life that he concluded that this land was filled to the brim with injustice with the proper authorities.

True justice can only be brought about from outside the system.

Just as soon as he graduated from the districts "social learning center", he decided to abandon his fathers trade and begin a nomadic lifestyle, dolling out vigilante justice, and all around convincing people that their can be something more, something better than what the current system allows.

he is wanted in 3 districts for theft of property from local aristocrats, trespassing, arson and murder (all of them of which were rapists, drug dealers, muggers)

his weapon of choice is a hand crafted sabre he made in his dads garage when he was still a teen.

he is never caught due to his rare power to render himself invisible to the naked eye and the local populace genrally enjoy receiving "gifts of liberation" from him and thus never inform the police of his presence, especcially when he's seen partying it up at "party island"

he's nice to those who agree in his stance on equality and justice and loves to have all kinds of fun, his favorite being pulling harmless pranks on the police and aristocrats accompanied with a note that reads "YOU SUCK! :p"

but he's cold, distant and even resentfull towards those who think he's nothing but a holligan and will even go into a long winded argument with you about how he's the true hero while the "government" steals your money and uses it to gold plate their teeth.

His appearance is that of a bipedal coyote with a black hoodie, blue undershirt, and a pair of worn out jeans. he carries a satchel with him that carries his food, water, and money and holsters the weapon on his back. At times he likes to spray paint his plain tan/brown fir with exotic color patters not only because its stylish, but provocative as well.


1.fermantae nullifies his powers as are most neurotoxins as they dull his senses
2.he is under oath to himself never to kill a fellow power user.
3.flamboiant and promiscuous, easily led astray by women, especially when the first weakness is applied.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 104

Latest Scene: In All that is Left is Silence at 4:11pm January 29 2017:
Tulsan nodding. knowing that his goal of making sure Spectre doesent fall into the wrong hands was his original intention... although this plan doesn't involve any unnecessary killing. cool beans.

"alright I'm in.. so I was almost right... heh but almost is only good or horseshoes and hand grenades. but first I need to go back to my garage and finish my Rivet Sabre I manage to forge from scrap metal and duct tape, this guy sounds like bad news from the sounds of it and I need to get prepared."