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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Edwardteach
Edward (Ed for short)
Gender: Male
Power: Time control
District: Calyspa is where he was grown but he is not native
Affiliation: Dreamkeepers
Quote: "A moment only happens once in a lifetime, save it with a picture"
Motive: To keep things interesting
Allies: Troika
Enemies: Anyone that gets in his way
About: I am Edward, you can call me Ed for short, but I love Photography and you will always see me with some kind of camera. I am a nice person, though kinda quiet, and just like my friend Auran I will silently plot against you if you anger me. I am 17 years old. I am childish at most times.

I have pinkish hair and ears like a wolf/cat/fox hybrid that are kinda big, and a tail that hangs just under my coat. I have bright silvery blue eyes. I have 2 coats that I wear most of the time the one shown which I wear with my hat, and when I don't wear my Hat i have a black coat with a hood. I sometimes wear around a sword on my back to try and keep people away from thinking about following me, but mostly I have my camera hanging from my neck. I might be seen with a sword hanging from back if not before I start anything I will go and pick it up.

You can find me where ever things get interesting, though I mostly attempt to stay out of site, and though i don't look like it I have reflexes about as fast as a bullet, Though I don't like to fight i will quickly end one.

I grew up in a orphanage in the Calyspa district though I do not know where I came from all I know is I am not from Anduruna, I would be lying if I said i liked it there, I was in fact a little trouble maker for the "warden" of the orphanage, till one day an older dreamkeeper walked up to me and handed me an old camera and said "take care of this for me, but don't let it go unused," I smiled and said "I will take good care of it mister, and I will use it well,". Ever since that day I have always carried around a camera be it the one the man gave me or one I bought on my own,

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 663

Latest Scene: In Party down in Talocan at 6:41am February 3 2017:
yea, i remembered this, after i quit being so busy, so how is all?