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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Auran
Gender: Male
Power: Space control he can create inter dimensional spaces and store or travel through them
District: Know only to him
Affiliation: Himself (mostly)or his friends
Quote: "A room with out books is like a body without a soul"
Motive: To keep his loved ones alive
Allies: Those close to him
Enemies: Those who want to harm him or the ones close to him
About: Auran is a lonely figure, he chooses not to get close to people out of fear he will hurt them. He is kind hearted and caring,but if he gets angry he does not show it but he finds a way to get his revenge. He is a thief by nature, and will at times accidentally slip his hand in your pocket. He was born a book worm and he is never seen without a book on his person.

Auran has a hard time trusting people as he was bullied when he was in school. He has always loved books.

He has a pet Air Ryuu-Neko which at most times is flying around him or near him, or in his satchel. The Ryuu-Neko is named Areon, he is a darker grey with lilac eyes. It is quite mischievous and loves to play jokes, though how playful it is he is quite obedient.

Physical appearance
He is a human cat based humanoid
He is 5ft 10inches tall
Bright Silver/blue eyes
He has grey/black hair and fur over his ears and tail.
He wears nice black pants a white long sleeve buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled to just past his elbows with a black vest over top with nice shoes, and he wears a bright red scarf.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 193

Latest Scene: In Party down in Talocan at 9:10pm May 19 2015:
Could I start as if it was in the morning?