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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of SandwichPie
Sandwich Pie
Gender: Male
Power: Shapeshifiting... kinda. See description.
District: Talocan District
Affiliation: Dreamkeepers
Motive: To spread levity and joy to all friendly folk
Allies: A general collection of friends
Enemies: Those creepy louts who hang out by the markets and insult me
About: He is named Sandwich. He only stands about 1'8", so walking around and many normal things are a challenge for him. He is of the same genus as Whip, meaning he also does not have fingers. This is a real pain as his main interest is the technologically advanced scrolls, but he cannot operate them.

The same genus as Whip, so body shape is similar. He is a little more muscular due to the fact he has to walk instead of fly.
Orange coat, white under his nose and on his toes/arm-ends, blue eyes.

Power description (Not known by him)
He can shape-shift if he follows a very specific rule patten. First off, he cannot become smaller, as that would mean shrinking my organs, and I do not believe he has the ability to do that without serious consequence. Secondly, he cannot grow extra limbs or organs. Organs are a no-go, and limbs would now work without complicated medical techniques that are probably not in the DK lore. Lastly, he has to eat the mass he expands by, else he will become weak.
There is a benign passive affect of this power. If he wishes for a change, It will eventually happen over a long period of time, provided it does not contradict the rules of the power. This effect allowed him to speak advance linguistics unlike similar species's squeaks. It also raised his general physique and made his fur very soft.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 8

Latest Scene: In DK Café at 7:01am February 15 2015:
Outside: “You can buy fermentae here… but I never touch the stuff. Blech.” Salvia looks around. “Anyways, ima head back inside, my tea is getting cold.” Salvia turns and hops away, before smirking and saying “Don’t forget to mop the ally”.

Inside: The proprietor sits on a chair behind the counter whilst Salvia enters. He jumps onto the table before downing his luke-warm tea.