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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Dawonguy
Gender: Male
Power: Aura Vision
District: Calypsa
Affiliation: Aurum Industries
Quote: "What's bullshit is that they have regulations for hammer hardness and knife sharpness. I'd love to pound the thick skull of whoever come up with those laws and see if they can tell the fucking difference."
Motive: obtain nice things
About: -Works for Aurum Industries, a technology company based in Calypsa that works with minerals from the Starfall mountains.

-By night, Epsilon makes weapons for himself and those he deems worthy

-His power allows him to see everyone with-in a certain radius whether blocked by walls or smoke.

-His power can be shared with allies for a short time after physical contact (ie a high five or fist bump)

-Favorite weapons include smoke grenades, a grenade launcher, a dagger, and a crossbow.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 12

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 9:48pm February 10 2016:
Okay, so to patch some of the holes in the mimicry power play style, how about letting the user hold on to 3 powers or so at a time so that they can be used for later. Say the user runs into a nightmare while alone, this will at least give the user a means to fight or escape. Also this will limit the capabilities during fights with a lot of DKs.
To cover inexperience, the user would probably copy the powers from the same group of allies and get used to those powers. Granted, the user would still be less experienced than their allies but would make up for it in fights with versatility.
@Scottie: So there are physical requirements for some powers? (haven't read v4 if it's explained there)