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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of CoolCoyote
Dylan Locke
Gender: Male
Power: Energy Control
District: na
Affiliation: Neutral
Quote: "There are buisness Dreamkeepers and then Dreamkeepers in Business...I would prefure to be the latter..."
Motive: Leaf on the Wind. No motive beyond survival...and getting filthy rich...
Allies: none
Enemies: Dylan is his own worst enemy
About: Name: Dylan Locke

Age: Young Adult 24-26


The term Reptilian Canine comes to mind when describing a person like Dylan Locke. From head to toe Dylan has a fox or coyote like appearence. Long pointed ears dominate the back of his head. Two large purple eyes sit behind a long pointed snout with several whiskers at the end. For some reason his foremost fangs always seem to be showing no matter what facial expression he takes.

His body is covered in deep red fur with a dark black under belly and tiger stripes running down the length of his back and limbs. A dull gold color starts at his chin and curves its way down to the the bottom of his neck.

His arms and digitgrade legs are also furred down to his elbows and knees, then they are covered in a rich set of red scales.

His tail resembles a lizards tail, red scaled with the same black tiger stripes until the end which has a large tuft of black fur.

He wears a dull brown waist coat which has tattered ends. Under it he wears a simple vest which is usually left open to expose his rather fleshed stomach. Like the rest of Dylan his gut is padded by a small but noticable layer of flesh.

His waist his covered by a set of off grey cargo pants.


Energy Construction - Light based weapons.

Dylan's powers involve the creation of telekinetic tools and weapons made from pure energy. They usually take on different colors depending on Dylan's mood. The constructs them selves can range from simple knives and hammers to more agressive items such as swords and clubs. They can never be complicated sets of machinery nor can Dylan make more than a few at once.


Surprisingly Dylan's history isn't frought with the danger and adventure one would have associated with a man in his profession. He grew up in a family poor enough to go with out the normal luxeries of other Dreamkeepers but not poor enough that he ever went hungry.

His father fixed small machines for a living and his mother washed clothes. He and his two siblings, one brother one sister, grew up in happy surroundings. A good child hood but unworthy of any real interest until his late teens.

Out on his own Dylan discovered that he didn't have any real passion for any of the jobs he took to keep food on the table. His work ethic was poor at best and he bounced from job to job. In the end he was too restless to stay in one place and found himself content with being a drifter. He enjoyed going to new places and seeing new things...but didnt enjoy the few times he spent homeless on the streets.

Currently he works as a bit of a small time merchant, and occasional fence for stolen property.

Personality (optional):

Dylan is the personification of a dead pan snarker. Always the first to make a witty comment if it is welcomed or not. He is not really brave but not completely cowardly, he has enough greed in his blood to bend his morals but never truely break them.

Dylan also has a weakness for food. Any kind of food really, but fried food the most. He has been told more than once that his stomach will be the end of him.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 454

Latest Scene: In DK zombie RP idea at 5:04pm September 18 2016:
Work is starting to get busy again. Heading off for a while. Take care all!