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Gender: Male
Location: Claix, France
Birthday: August 20 1996
Age: 25
Personal Quote: "if all the dictators and generals in the world had a cat sleeping on their knees, I would feel much safer."-Franquin "just because I don't like it doesn't mean it sucks"-Can't remember who said that first "a fool who walk will always go farther than a sitting intellectual"-Coluche "The problem with the quotes found on Internet is that you can never be sure of their origins" Abraham Lincoln "not agreeing with someone doesn't means you can gag him. It doesn't means you're compelled to handle him a megaphone either."
About: as you probably guess, english isn't my native tongue so there might be some mispellings in my posts. I apologize.
I'm online here:
video games
Progressive, Symphonic and/or Black Metal
Ethics in video games
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