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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of RoddMattrex
Weapon Z-Light (Rodd)
Gender: Male
Power: Paladin: When activated a pair of huge wings and a heavy wite armor generate in his body. Also he gain a Seraph sword and became able to use elemental magic for a short time (bad point is that he became exausted after the transformation ends)
District: Unknow
Affiliation: Unknow
Quote: "Maybe I die. But you go first"
Motive: Find who he really is
Allies: Everybody that help him
Enemies: Everybody that hurts him
About: Nobody knows anything about him and his past. Everyday he walk around the city helping people in trade of money (like a bonuty hunter). He only talk to his friends and rarely sleep well.
He has 16 years and is always running from the police (because sometimes he steal food).
His wish is to find someone that he can ask about his past (because his metalic right hand it wasn't there when he born).

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 0