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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of BryanDimmsdale

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Gender: Male
Location: Philippines
Birthday: September 25 1996
Age: 25
Personal Quote: "The memories that I've left behind are like dreams that have been forgotten in the past. But sometimes, for me, it is better to forget those dreams rather than knowing the dreams with memories of the pain and sufferings that I may once knew." - Kayrie (OC Char.)
About: Hi there, you probably don't know me, but I'm usually a guy who finds interests in artworks especially including one of my favorite themes like action, adventure, comedy, mixed, or something like that sort. I probably started at liking Dreamkeepers last September to early in January or February where everything is new to me, hehe.

So to be considered, I became a fan of DK, especially when it's gone from medieval to the future ages where I like to see. The ones I love the most is what inspires me to create my own fanfic and what gives me motivation to join the DK forums.

I know DK well enough, I just didn't discovered it fully yet. But, if you help me show how it's done here, then I'll fit right in in no time. If you want any help in some things, I 'll be there. Just don't annoy me... seriously...

I have some experiences in art, I am still learning and yet I'm also improving. My goal is to be successful not only in art but also in life.

I'm creating some different types of art and web comics, so if you like to check them in my website in DevArt, go ahead!
I'm online here:
Favorite visual artist:
Right now, the ones I'm watching here at DevArt especially Dave and Liz
Favorite movies: Harry Potter, An American Tail, Movies on my shows
Favorite TV shows: Animaniacs, Pokemon, Digimon, Heathcliff, Kid vs Kat, Tom and Jerry, Phineas and Ferb, and many more...
Favorite bands / musical artists: Extreme, Dramagods, Creed, Andy Timmons
Favorite books: Bone, Amulet, Warriors, Hank Zipzer, and now DK
Favorite writers: Kazu Kibuishi,Jeff Smith, Erin Hunter
Favorite games: Anything Adventure, Action, or even Mind relaxing games
Favorite gaming platform:
Mostly on PC
Other Interests: Checking other stuff
Four things in mind:
Trolls, Jerks, Thieves, and Flamers
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