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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Shadow99611
Tuesday West
Gender: Male
Power: random time travel
District: unknown
Affiliation: variable
Quote: "I said it would be SOON. I'm freaking over 300,000 years, time ain't exactly a priority!"
Motive: philanthropic ideals
Allies: Many
Enemies: Quite a few
About: ((Tuesday is entirely non-canon, and any assumptions he makes about the future or past of the dream wold are to be taken as speculation only unless Dave specifies otherwise.))

Some would call him a terrorist. A rebel. A husband. A violent usurper. A hope. A myth. A nightmare unto himself. Whomever you find will most likely give you a differing opinion. Tuesday himself considers his own identity to be just that of a lucky 'keeper, bumbling through his own problems at the pace someone else decides.

Tuesday cannot remember his origins, and is cynically aware of the typicality of this. His exact age is also unknown, but one can assume it's quite old, though he can only remember the last hundred or so years. His brain overwrites his last memories constantly, making him forget old acquaintances, causes, loves.

The nature of his power is also an oddity. He will randomly pop in and out of time and space, but he usually has some sort of task or object to his transferal, even if it isn't quite as obvious in the beginning. A side effect of his power as hinted above is extreme longevity, which provides some interesting biological quandaries.

He can pop up almost anywhere, with no warning, no preemption. And he has goals all his own. A good portion of the time he's not even sure what the heck he's supposed to do!

As a person, Tuesday has that 'southern charm' to him that some people find endearing, and he's fairly lenient when it come to interacting with people, knowing that sometimes the correct connections can get you far.

((This bio is a work in progress, and shall be updated and changed as I see fit))

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1386

Latest Scene: In Beyond Starfall- OOC/Roster at 8:17pm April 6 2014:
I have a fairly demanding job lined up pretty much right after school ends. I can see about coming back, but i feel like I wouldn't be able to stay for a long term duration.