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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of JudasScorpioDeMazier
Judas DeMazier
Gender: Male
Power: Enhanced Eyesight
District: Calypsa
Affiliation: Neutral, though he was brought up as a dark Dreamkeeper but tries not to affiliate himself with them as much.
About: Appearance: Black and neon green furred fruit bat with a black eye scheme. His hair is shaved in the back and combed to the front, covering his left eye. His wings start from his ring finger and has his skin membrane end on his spine. His figure is a bit under normal as the same with his height, thus not really having much muscle on his body. His basic attire includes a sleeveless hoodie, baggy cargo pants and skater sneakers, all matching in a black and neon green color scheme to match his fur. Accessories include snake bite lip piercings, a necklace with a Scorpio symbol on it, and a leather studded belt.

Halo: Black with a green aurora

Backstory: (WIP) Born in the Norvondire district, Judas was the exact opposite of the other kids growing up there. He had no interest in competitions whatsoever, including sports, which made him looked down upon in the district. His mother encouraged him to be a bit more competitive like his peers, but Judas persisted otherwise. This lead him to hide himself up in his room for long periods of time, surrounding himself in music which became his most beloved pastimes.
His mother, like most of the other adults, worried a lot about him since he'd been showing signs of an emotional unbalance and the occasional freak outs he's had on school grounds. Eventually at age 13, Judas was put on medication to make him seem more 'normal' and lowered the chances of a tantrum. All that it did to him was turn him into a dull and impotent pushover. His mother was still worried, though a bit more relieved to have an apathetic son rather than his former self.
Things came to a halt when Judas' mother was framed for a crime by a relative, placing her in prison. Because of this, Judas found out he has been a target of a group of dark Dreamkeepers. What was assumed by the district as a suicide, was actually a kidnapping. The last trace of him was a 'suicide' note claiming he'd ran into the forest and shot himself.
What really happened, though, was that Judas was introduced to the world of Dreamkeepers, (what happened during this part is still under debate...)

Judas escaped at age 16, carrying with him a pistol and a dagger, and has been on the run ever since...

Personality: Judas has Bipolar disorder, making him unbalanced emotionally. He ranges from clingy and lovesick, to completely mellow, though a bit of a shady fellow, to irate and violent, to being flat out depressed. However as of late, his transition through these levels of emotions is a lot more gradual for the most part, and He's more prone to be mellow in the general public. Unless he needs to talk, he buries himself in his headphones to avoid most strangers. Until he gets a bit more close with someone, Judas can become more prone to express his various moods.
Judas is also seen as a hopeless romantic, believing having a stable relationship could possibly control his bipolarity. Judas has also recently had episodes of mild paranoia, believing that dark dreamkeepers are following him and are planing his demise.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 11

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 7:23am June 5 2014:
I see where your comin from. I could use an image as well...