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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of jumbleniter
Ambrose "Longtail" Selet
Gender: Male
Power: Mid-Range Telekinesis, difficult to control, he has to focus for him to purposely use it. However, it is affected directly by his emotions.
District: Ruskol
Affiliation: Himself
Quote: "My mind is a perfect instrument of grace and destruction."
Motive: Create something truly great
About: Born into the Selet family, he led a privileged life. Quickly realizing the potential of their precocious child, Ambrose's parents sent him to the finest schools in Andurra, which their diplomatic position in the community allowed. There, Longtail, as he became known by his tutors, excelled in his classes, Quickly rising through the grades. However, this caused him to lose touch with his friends, which in the Ruskol district, are almost as important to his future life as his grades. Taking a selfish, and Narcissistic view on life, Longtail began to avoid others and focus wholly on himself. Finishing school at an almost unhealthily young age, he coerced his father into buying him labspace, and shut himself away, desperate to prove his potential. On a rainy day, Longtail received the news which began the beginning of what Longtail would refer to The Ruination of the Selet. On that day, Ambrose was facing the wreckage of another failed invention, when a knock came from his door. Something about the knock caused him to open the door immediately, and he was greeted by the expressionless mask of a shock trooper. The trooper informed Longtail of his parents death. Their were visiting their vacation home in the Eridu Delta, when a volatile power infringement occurred, completely destroying the estate. A grieving Longtail suddenly found himself to be the last member of the Selet family. Inheritor of his parents wealth, Longtail soon proved to be famously terrible with money, drowning his grief in fermentae and gambling. Eventually having to sell his parents property to appease the collectors. And so Ambrose found himself, penniless, and freindless, with his intellect and his illegal power as his only resource. The night after he sold the his family house, Longtail flew to the top of sky road, and glared down into the city. He vowed to himself, that he earn back all he had lost,and more besides, he would have his life back, and he would do so with a glory that would shame all who ever stood in his way. And with that Ambrose Selet stood suddenly and glowered, looking across city and into the sea. A storm was approaching, and that storm was Ambrose Selet. Unfolding his wings, he stepped from the sky road into the abyss.

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