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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of CalvinCopyright

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Gender: Male
Birthday: May 23 1995
Age: 26
Personal Quote: Be great at everything, but be perfect at what you love.
About: I'm going to be on this forum as much as possible, and love it!
Creating dreamkeepers
Minecraft (new)
Music, both making and listening
Waiting for new Prelude comics
Other people's spaghetti code
Non-1.4.7 Minecraft mods
Being offline
Joined Forum:February 8th 2013 10:21am (3152 days ago)
Last Seen:March 17th 2017 12:17am (1655 days ago)
Total Posts:154
Latest Post:OHHH! Remember Cuddles? Cuddles is blue, with green things ...
in Prelude (Last Update: 2/2/18) Scrubbing For The Scum at June 24 2016 12:28pm