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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of CalvinCopyright
Sorel Estray
Gender: Male
Power: Manipulation of physical borders
District: Ruskol
Affiliation: Independent. Takes contracts from the Troika on occasion.
Quote: "Don't worry, it happens for all my students. They make terrific progress during their weekly lesson, but in the interim - none at all!"
Motive: He is D&D Neutral Good.
Allies: None that are definite and permanent. The Troika is not an enemy to him, though.
Enemies: None that are definite and permanent.
About: This guy is my persona.

Name: Sorel Estray
Age: 25
He cannot be said to resemble any particular Earth animal species. Has plantigrade feet, and his posture is good, except for his tendency to tilt his head down and watch the ground where he's walking. When he's working or concentrating on something, he also has a tendency to lean forward and hunch over, especially if his work is on a desk. His skin is smooth, no hair or scales, and colored a soft dark navy blue with semi-stylized purple stripes and designs on his arms/hands, upper back, lower legs, bare scalp, and in place of his eyebrows. He doesn't have a visible nose or ears, like Namah; however, his features and head are more angular - not pointy, though. (I tried doodling him, and I think the lines of his face would more closely resemble Nabonidus without his hat.) The irises of his eyes are completely flat, without highlights; they make it hard for him to give the impression that he's looking right at you; in fact, they usually make him look like he's staring into the distance, or watching everything at once; he had bad eyesight as a child, which contributes to that impression, even though he now wears corrective lenses. The irises are also prismatic; they shift colors based on the emotions he shows, but the colors are almost always very dark, almost black, like in the drawing. In keeping with this, he generally appears calm, collected, and unemotional, but on the rare occasions when he gives vent to strong emotions, the colors become bright, almost luminous (sort of like how cat's eyes can turn into creepy scary discs that glow in very little light, or how street signs stand out in reflected headlights when you're night driving). His eyes are otherwise white. Examples of colors his irises take on are: bright red for angry; dark red for merely irritated or annoyed; pale, sickly green for fear; golden for pleasure/happiness; purple for concentration; blue for confusion. Blendings of colors occur, too. He has a fairly well-built body; he's not thin/stringy, but he's not bulky, either, although he has large, strong, rather dextrous hands, with slightly long arms (he's made a hobby out of playing an instrument that resembles the piano). He is of medium height. He favors cheap, one-color clothing items that will not impede movement or be uncomfortable, but he doesn't care what the colors are, as long as they aren't garish. (He mostly ends up wearing your basic T-shirts and stuff like that.) He also has a favorite wind/waterproof, comfortable light gray hoodie that looks surprisingly formal, as the upper chest and arms mimic the shape of his body underneath rather well, and the wind/waterproofing makes the fabric much stiffer than it normally would be. He has a one-floor apartment building in the Ruskol district to himself, and while the furnishings are not sparse, they are not elaborate, either. It is a little cluttered, but simplistic.

He is quite intelligent, and knows it. He has a very strong aversion to not being able to do things personally, and has the force of will to train himself to a fair degree of ability in whatever he cares to, including many academical subjects and personal combat (he will bring a fairly large combat knife and a pistol, bought from Scinter, on his more dastardly errands). This also results in him being incredibly contemptuous of those whom he regards as permanently incompetent, such as certain politicians, dumb teachers, most celebrities, and people who refuse to recant opinions that he thinks are exceptionally stupid, while also being incredibly respectful to those whom he recognizes as able to get things done. He also hates wasteful things such as fancy clothes (he has always been rather incredulous that Tinsel is where she is, and he hasn't so much as visited the mall for years). He has no religion whatsoever, but he is "neutral good" through and through (D&D reference). If the law and the establishment allows, he will use it in order to do good, but if it does not, he will subvert it without a qualm. Lately, he's been doing the latter more often than not, and given the current state of Andurunan government, you couldn't get him into politics if you paid him ten million lucre. He is somewhat naive, due to his somewhat young age and his dislike of/total abstainment from alcoholic drinks and other drugs - he regards them as degrading mental abilities, meaning he hasn't got frequent contact with Scinter/the underworld in general regarding those activities, and he is not an official Troika member - but he is still able to make a good living at tutoring kids from all over the city who are actually smart and who have heard of his services - he'd love to tutor Lilith, if the Viscount allowed him to. He hates the Social Learning Centers because he thinks they educate the wrong way, and he thinks that enough education done right - which he can supply - will, over time, solve most if not all of the problems Anduruna has with its' government, even if the mechanism is revolt and revolution. Also, he takes contracts from the Troika on occasion to various ends, most involving training new recruits in either power use, combat, or military tactics - he has several theories regarding the former. His power, elaborated below, allows him to traverse the city much faster than normal and fulfill more such appointments than people would think possible. Finally, although he works well with other people, has a nice sense of humor and things like that, he has no close friends, and is more of a loner than he cares to admit to himself.

In a nutshell, the power to temporarily manipulate physical borders. At full power strength, he can create impassable screens out of thin air, that can stop even springer bullets. He can also compress/stretch the intervening space between two objects to a surprising degree, enabling him to turn completely impossible jumps into easy ones and vice versa, for instance, or evade pursuers by increasing the distance they have to run to get to him, and decreasing the distance he needs to run to get away. He can also temporarily dislocate physical barriers into compressed dimensions; he could dislocate a section of wall, making it vanish, run through where the wall would have been, and then allow it to spring back into place undamaged; using a combination of these, he can also jump through the ceiling into the room above him, and literally vanish the floor out from under other people, if there is a room below them. Note, though, that he is not able to dislocate other, more movable things, like people, and people cannot be trapped in dislocated barriers, as they get pushed onto whatever side of the barrier they have more mass on; he is extraordinarily difficult to catch, but he cannot use his powers to injure or kill, except indirectly, perhaps by causing someone to trip and crack their head against a screen, or by causing someone to fall a long distance. In addition, the power strength is dependent on his ability to concentrate; it is extraordinarily difficult to maintain alterations of physical borders for any length of time, for example, and distraction/incomplete concentration renders screens and dislocated barriers semipermeable, like forcing your way through Jello, and distances cannot be compressed or stretched out as much. Also, he cannot shift screens once he makes them; he can only create the illusion that he's shifting them by recreating them in slightly different positions and allowing the previous ones to fade away (meaning he can't slam a screen against someone and send them flying). He can use his space compression abilities to create room for him to 'shrink' spherical screens around whatever's inside to constrict it, though. Finally, alterations are never permanent, and only last as long as he concentrates on them - once he releases them, it's as though they were never there. Affected space takes on a bright, beautiful and healthy leafy green glow, pointed inward around the edges, like an aurora borealis points up. His halo looks much the same.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 52

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 7:30am January 14 2014:
Welp, 213 posts and two months since the last one. Looks like the thread'll be dead until we get some fresh meat.

Let's see, what could I say to get it going a little...

Maybe, for new readers or ones that haven't posted, say your favorite dreamkeeper from this thread and why?