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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of T3rminal
Cyprus Verillo
Gender: Male
Power: Surface Manipulation
District: Ruskol
Affiliation: Shadow Knaves
Quote: "You have furry worms. Wait...that sounded wrong."
Motive: Being awesome
Allies: The Shadow Knaves
Enemies: Normalicy
About: Age: 19

Species: Brown Wolf

Halo: Neon Green

Power: Surface Manipulation. Whether it be rock or metal, the ground he walks on can be used. Can only make perfect geometric formations rise from the surface. (Hexagon pillars, Circle shields, cones of spiky death, etc.) If he controls it for too long, it will start to crumble and he will be too exhausted to do much else but walk away.

Personality: Talks. A lot. He will make jokes and generally has a comment for just about any occasion. Overall a mellow to happy attitude. He enjoys walking on rooftops, being crazy, and having a fun time. Quick to befriend and hard to lose, Cyprus will stay with you till the end.

History: Cyprus was born and raised in the Ruskol district. His father left him and his mother at an early age and his mother lost her life soon after to disease. This caused him to spiral into depression, and go through many orphanages. Deciding that he was finally done with his traveling life, he ran away and lived on the streets, rooftops, and generally any where else he could get to. This is also the place where he developed a taste for fermentae. He ended up working for some...less than reputable people as a go between for Scinters Mark deals. Finally getting out of that job, he found a new one as a cook for one of the many restaurants that dot the Talocan beaches. From there he got himself a nice little house back up in Ruskol and travels to and from by Telepad.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 682

Latest Scene: In Running For The Crime at 10:34am February 15 2017:
Name: Varius Trevalt Reganim
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Whale shark

Physical Traits:

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