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Gender: Male
Birthday: June 18 1992
Age: 29
About: I'm a rather relaxed twenty three year old college graduate. I love to learn when something grasps my interests. Lately, I've been getting back into H.P. Lovecraft. His work reminds me at least of the horror in the Dreamkeepers saga.

I wonder about my place in the world. Turns out I'm heading towards the area of Psychology.

For the most time I read books on variety of genres. Just to list a few: psychology, neuroscience, behaviorism, astronomy, philosophy, fantasy.

As of recent, some of my favorite philosophers: Camus, Sartre, Aurelius, Kierkegaard.

I find myself graviating towards Neuropsychology these days. To be honest, I want to be an author. I read a lot to get an idea of what I want to produce, whatever sort of fiction I think.
John le Carre
Doctor Who
Too Many books and authors to list.
Petty Politicians
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