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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of WiseOwlReader
Ulrich Chishio
Gender: Male
Power: Transumation
District: Kojiki
Affiliation: Troika, CCA
Quote: "Dealing with absolutes require some thought, cleverness and pure luck"
Motive: Justice, primarily when correcting the faults of the system
Allies: Igrath, Scinter
Enemies: Nightmares, Ravat
About: Yo, the name's Ulrich. I'm a twenty six year old PI. You can find me in my office/apartment near the shores of the Kojiki district. I am a laid back fellow, you can usually find me publishing articles and books on philosophy, mainly philosophy of the mind and language. I am self educated in this area.

As for the hobbies and activities that shaped the person I am today: Education which I am continuing to this day. I find it as necessary as breathing. I also write philosophical blogs, making me fairly popular around schools and academic circles.

I do kick ass in a hand to hand fight. Sure, I don't have enough power in my frame, but using Jeet Kune Do kinda helps out. When my dad taught me self defense, I modified it to fit my frame and make it much more fluid and suited to what I felt best while building upon and improving said style.

I like helping out anyone that I can. Whether it's a kidnapping or homicide, I'll be there. Usually the CCA drops a line and asks me to help them out, most of them can't damn well think outside the box. That's one of the reasons I discarded going into the investigative branch, too many rules and restrictions. I'm kinda mixed on the banning of powers though, They'd throw me in jail or put me in therapy if they discover my own being awakened.

On occasion, I'll lend a hand to the Troika. Thanks to my own contacts within the CCA and what I know, I'm an important informant in the food chain. I usually withhold from joining groups, preferring to remain independent. I never would have thought Nightmares would be making their return.

Once again, not going into politics, too dicey for yours truly. Speaking of which, looks like our weekly poker games are canceled for the next while.

As for what I look like, I'm an average height guy. Around Five-seven, five-eight. Got a fox-like appearance about me, usually I like to wear a casual linen dress vest over a casual dress shirt, with an unkempt look about it, sleeves rolled up and what not. I wear boots and trousers, I honestly could give a crap about what I look like. I have light blue eyes, with a long panther tail. Then there are the three scars on my right eye.

Now that is a long story. It all goes back to when I was a little cub in the Kojiki district, growing up there was pretty decent and nothing too spectacular for an upper middle class family.

Except for the fact that I am a genius.

Sol Chishiso is his name. Works within the CCA investigative branch near the top. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, I'll clear a few things up for you.

The districts of Anduruna are further divided up into precincts or counties if you will. The CCA has different branches: Investigative, Detention Services, Internal Affairs, Animal Control, Administraion and such. This includes bureaucracy and logistic divisions that handle the data collected and accumulated by the more footwork related departments.

My old man is the head honcho of the entire Investigative department as an administration genius, those below get divided into different precincts with Police Chiefs managing each one.

Now we're on good terms. Don't get me wrong, my dad has the best of intentions. He was a little disappointed when he learned that I wanted to go my own way with becoming a PI but understood my rather independent nature.

Onto my mother, Irina Chishiso is a university professor. She has an Associates in Linguistics and Bachelor's in Psychology. Though later on, she went to get two P.h.D's in Linguistics, the other, Cognitive Neuroscience. At times, I thought she was a wizard when I was younger, she could always tell what was wrong with me and noticed and nuanced changes in my behavior. It was scary, actually, I remember being terrified of all mothers because of her.

She's of a rather gentle nature and sweet. Was pretty encouraging of my interest in philosophy and shared psychology joyously, the other stuff I told you about earlier were what I picked up along the way. Some of my favorite memories are of us staying up late at night, discussing various developments in the fields of psychology and philosophy.

Anyway, as for my father...

He's a tough, no nonsense kind of guy. He has that soft spot though that he keeps rather well hidden, as you can guess you now know where my derision for politics comes form. Nonetheless, he gave me my first self-defense introduction after an altercation with my best friend's drunken father.

As for my scars, sorry. That's not a story I'll tell today, but it did start something...

Funny enough, that was where my philosophy really budded. I wrote extensively on the nature of reality and breaking it down into what the world really is and why we exist,which was where I got into absurdism as well. It launched me to academic stardom and was widely discussed in forums. Needless to say, I was put into the spotlight quickly and was offered scholarships upon graduating from highschool.

I was put onto the highschool fast track, this was when I was fifteen, a few weeks after the incident. I graduated at sixteen and went on to college to take on a dual major encompassing Forensic Science, and Psychology with an Associates in chemistry. Then three years later at nineteen, I graduated with high honors and worked full time jobs with the CCA investigative branch thanks to Dad and his connections.

At twenty two, I broke off from the CCA and decided to start my own detective agency. As I said, I like to work independent.

I was glad for it, I rather liked fading into the background.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1

Latest Scene: In The Crossroads Gathering Hall, idea and rules at 7:39pm February 26 2013:
Ooh, I like the idea of this. Actually, I just got an idea like a lightning bolt to a rod of metal!

What if in the gathering hall, the characters in the Dreamkeepers series are all actors with their real names for the "Show"?

Anyway, I look forward to this in the future.