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Gender: Male
Location: DanWithTheHat
Birthday: June 27 1990
Age: 31
Personal Quote: "Key to storytelling: Add orphans, and beat the crap out of them. Ding. Done." - David Lillie "I Didn't Choose the DK Life, The DK Life Chose me"
I'm online here:

Dreamkeepers(of course)
Mountain Biking
Engineering stuff
Nintendo Stuff
Co-op games
Not much...
Joined Forum:January 31st 2013 7:22pm (3150 days ago)
Last Seen:January 31st 2016 8:11am (2055 days ago)
Total Posts:984
Latest Post:So Dave responded to a tweet Ezio gave him. We will be having chat tonight ...
in Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!) at December 31 2015 1:39pm