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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of RennacFaintheart

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Gender: Female
Location: USA
Birthday: May 17 1991
Age: 30
Personal Quote: To hell with what those armored muscleheads think! We all have a right to live.
About: I'm an easygoing person for the most part. I try to help out anyone who needs a hand with a few exceptions (mainly those who I think have more interest in making things worse).
Protecting those in need
Doing what she can to help others
Misuse of power
Joined Forum:February 12th 2013 6:45am (3148 days ago)
Last Seen:June 16th 2014 5:52am (2659 days ago)
Total Posts:1021
Latest Post:Perhaps have the faction be a 'guild' or something. Have it start out light...
in Children of the Night - OOC at May 28 2014 1:17pm