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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of RennacFaintheart
Rennac Faintheart
Gender: Female
Power: Shadow control
District: Calypsa
Affiliation: Independent Power user or good in general
Quote: "I've heard A LOT of people say they would kill me. So far, none have succeeded. What makes you think you can do what dozens before you could not?"
Motive: Sense of honor
Allies: Those she shelters and her fiance'
Enemies: Too many to list. Mostly Street Clans who try to use their strength to hurt others.
About: I'm an easygoing person for the most part. I try to help out anyone who needs a hand with a few exceptions (mainly those who I think have more interest in making things worse). Her loyal Ryuu-neko Rose has always been a kind reminder of the need to always keep going, able to keep up with her with her wings and even aid her by either spitting annoying flames at attempted captors or healing her scrapes with a bit of her aloe saliva.

Backstory: Her parents died when she was young, giving her the opportunity to slip away into the city's seedy underbelly and avoid Grunn's infamous orphanage. She learned how to survive on the streets, trading information she overheard with the street clans for some time after she found her talent for getting into places she shouldn't be. This also gave her a clearer image about the government as well as the corrupt politics. After a while she became a skilled fighter even without the use of her power. At age 17 she accidentally discovered her power during a brawl with a Street clan who she refused to work with due to their affiliations. At that moment she was marked as a power user and she knew just what it meant. From then on she went into hiding, using her new power to help conceal herself and remain hidden even when otherwise in plain sight.

Powers: Shadow control in it's most general sense includes the ability to make surrounding shadows envelop and attack enemies. However, after several years of practice she has learned how to create solid objects from the shadows themselves though it takes nearly a half hour to create anything significant. She had even learned to sew serious wounds closed by using shadows alone.

Rose: Rennac found her when a group of poachers came through the Calypsa District. Being a kind person at heart she decided to free the animals and set them on the poachers who had caged them. Rose was among the creatures. Combining the aspects of the wind and fire Ryuu-neko breeds it became loyal to Rennac while keeping it's own mind and attitude. Rose can sometimes scoff at some of Rennac's ideas and even laugh at her, she is at heart incredibly loyal. She often helps Rennac in bad situations by flying around and spitting flaming saliva at her enemies, serving to help distract or even cause light injury so the wolfess could get her window to attack or even escape. She is more than capable of looking after herself however as she is just as swift and mischievous as any air breed Ryuu-neko. Rose takes incredible pleasure out of flying around enemies that try to catch her, making the two keep hitting eachother as they try in vain to catch her.

She still resides within the Calypsa district, though she is not alone. She is currently engaged to a Dreamkeeper by the name of Gyaku Darkblood. The two work together sometimes though their work sometimes means they don't see each other for lengths of time. Though there is one downside to their relationship. After several near death experiences on her husband's part she developed a very peculiar pet peeve against doing something incredibly stupid in a life or death situation. In other words when someone does something that would have easily gotten them killed, Rennac isn't adverse to banging her displeasure into their skulls.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 991

Latest Scene: In Children of the Night - OOC at 1:17pm May 28 2014:
Perhaps have the faction be a 'guild' or something. Have it start out light hearted while everyone gets in to get the ball rolling. Maybe do a few jobs before we get a big bounty mission. Can get more or less complex from there.