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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Habato
Gender: Female
Power: Luck
District: Theophanies

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 20

Latest Scene: In Nexus Interdimentional Bar & Grille Reboot- IC at 3:56pm October 4 2013:
With a yawn and a stretch of her wings, Eva sat up from her position by the wall. She must have used more energy than she had thought- it usually took much more to get her to sleep. Looking around, she realized things had only gotten crazier- if less violent- with a couple people having left and many new people scattered throughout.

Spotting Dream-Weaver, Eva was about to get up and go talk to him, but then noticed the little boy by his side. He was certainly not a little boy, that much she could tell. She felt oddly repelled from him- not frightened or disgusted just...a feeling that it would be in her best interest to stay away. Vaguely, he reminded her of someone else, but Eva couldn't quite put her finger on /who/. Curiosity piqued and feeling a bit reckless, she decided to go over anyway. Besides, the scales that Dream-Weaver had looked interesting and important, and one simply /can't/ ignore an important object without finding out what it was.

Eva came up to Dream-Weaver on his other side, away from the boy- who was on the side the scales currently favored. She studied the unbalanced scales and their weights with a tip of her head. They were off-balanced, even though the weights /looked/ the same. As she looked, the girl felt the power radiating from them, and realized the weights must not represent the objects themselves in actuality- but elements of reality. Her curiosity about the scales- and Dream-Weaver- only grew.

"Hi Dream-Weaver." She finally said, gaining his attention since he had turned to speak to the boy. She greeted the robot as well when it turned to look at her. "Hi Different. What is this you have? What are the weights in the scales?"
OOC: Christ, you guys move fast. Can't leave for a day w/o getting 3 pages behind. X3 I skimmed and i can't keep track of all these characters man....
since it's important and can't think of a good way to put it in that's not egotistic/attention-grabby(Which is so not Eva)-
A. Eva's the Ghost of Life, oxymoron I know, but basically her 'obsession' in DP-ghost terms would be life. She's a ghostly personification for Life itself(As i see it), is the easiest way to put it. And yes, she would respond to being called 'Life'. Just like her brothers would respond to Time and Space(More reluctantly so, in the latter's case). And now i'm rambling about this topic, tell me if any of this is stupid/confusing. (Also there's a lot of crossover stuff with who Death reminds her of and also i'm mad i missed my chance to have her notice the bloody TARDIS so yeah continuity errors to come)
and B. @ Dream-Weaver- you've basically got Life and Death on either side of you and the SCALES OF BALANCE holding Chaos and Order in front of you and- I'm sorry but I just had to do the parallels, my muse made me do it. I can't just leave the powers of reality alone to others anymore. It's too much fun to mess with. If it's okay, I basically said the scales were oriented in that the chaos was on the same side of DW as Death, and Order on the same side as Eva. ^^; and christ this ooc is too long...