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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Dreamkeepers
The Cast
Gender: Unspecified
Power: Sarcasm. (And others)
District: Various
Affiliation: Dark DK's, Troika, Scinter's Mark, varies.
Quote: "Talent underappreciated, UNDERLORD underappreciated."
Motive: Destroy earth with colors.
Allies: Those who love cartoons.
Enemies: People who watch football for the story.
About: Why would we do anything else?

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1

Latest Scene: In Trinity RP System at 7:47pm April 24 2014:
Hey everyone! In the livechat tonight, the subject of tabletop roleplay came up, and it just so happens I've been tinkering with a little something.

And there it is.

A Mockup of the character sheet is here:

I have to warn that this is unpolished, and not written with an uninitiated player in mind. So you may find explanations poor or altogether lacking.

It was derived from the Mouseguard system, so if you're familiar with that, Trinity should become more clear.

So, have fun! Jump in, try it out, and get a feel for things. The goal is to make fast, light gameplay that lets players focus on fun, not tons of rules- yet still retain the necessary elements of a non-arbitrary simulation. Does this pull it off? Are there problems? It'll be good to find them before I start polishing this for a release to the general readership.

...One last note- the automatic dice rollers in the roleplay section here were installed with this game system in mind, so hopefully they come in handy.

To play with the diceroller without automatically making a post, go here: