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Subscribe to this thread Hello. created by ListenLoudly on February 22, 2013

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ListenLoudly2/22/13 8:45am
By clicking on this link, you hereby have agreed to a binding contract of friendship with the poster of the thread for all time or until he dies. You have signed away any rights to free will or personal opinion beyond that which the poster grants to you.

Some people make friends by being nice, but I find this way much more effective.

In lieu of introduction, I was introduced to DK recently and read every scrap of anything slightly DK related that I could get my hands on. I actually prefer the webcomic to the graphic novels, and in any setting am a huge fan of Namah, even though I probably mispronounce/spell her name. I find Mace to be somewhat... boring, in comparison.

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xir11110112/22/13 9:51am
Good to meet you, though I reject your contract, It'd be lovely to be friends anyway...

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Riftun2/22/13 10:59am
Ah dang it @.@ now I guess I have no choice :P oh well always good to make a new friend anyways even if by contractual force XD

Welcome to the forums and yeah I have to agree Namah is so awesome its difficult for anyone to compare and seem interesting honestly :P

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ListenLoudly2/22/13 11:20am
WHAT? You can't reject the contract! It's binding and, stuff. Um, right! If you break your contractual obligations, your DK forum name will be magically changed to one almost entirely made of the number 1! Ha ha, feel my wrath, contract breaker!

Thank you for behaving yourself Rift. I get the feeling that it is necessary to fill Namah's world with less amazing characters so as to play around with their differences and create interesting plotlines. The result is amusing, so, points to Dave and Liz.

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CalvinCopyright2/22/13 11:32am
I'm your friend now? I'm your friend now?!??

That's REALLY NICE OF YOU! I haven't had any friends for years! They've all gotten dismembered by monsters!


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ListenLoudly2/22/13 11:57am
Suddenly I am made aware with the lack of clauses protecting myself from the possible negative effects of your friendships.
Pah, whatever, I know a guy who could probably re-attach my limbs. And having lots of friends/loyal subjects is totally worth the risk.

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Gloves3/5/13 3:57pm
Ooooh, I actually agree with you about the Mace thing. I like him and all, but he just strikes me as kind of overly immature.

I really like the bit in V3 when ((SPOILERS)) Ravat points out how much he relies on Whip to get him out of shit--even in his first fight against Bast--he wouldn't have "won" (in quotes, as it is dubious who would've actually succeeded had the fight gone on) if Whip hadn't saved his ass.((END SPOILERS))

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 7:10pm
Damn, I should have read the fineprint <_<

Doe well, good to meet you Listen...or do you want us to call you?

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ListenLoudly3/6/13 8:32am
Gloves, I think he was written like that on purpose, so he has room to grow throughout the GNS. He's motivated grow up by the people trying to kill him, of course, but also by lady love herself, Lilith, who he wants to woe or whatever. But he isn't doing this in a very interesting way, unlike everyone else in the GNS, he's just doing it the old fashioned way that's been done in every story since Gilgamesh.
Also, he does a bad job of returning the favor to Whip, doesn't he? I mean, in V2 he doesn't even notice Whip is missing for a while.

Ha ha! Another victim! You can call me Dr Snickontipolous. Or, if you insist, Listen, because it sounds funny when you read it and I'm mischievous like that.

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CalvinCopyright3/6/13 12:08pm
How about LiLo? As in Lilo and Stitch?


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ListenLoudly3/6/13 3:08pm
But I like that movie, and Elvis, so I don't feel burned.
You can call me LiLo if you want. It will be our special-best-friend name.

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