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Dreamkeepers Forums - TWC placing!!!

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Subscribe to this thread TWC placing!!! created by ezioauditore97 on February 18, 2013

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Animefan181/26/14 10:26am
dave has finally done it, he has posted a desk top illustration once you vote:

it's so beutiful

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DanWithTheHat1/26/14 7:03pm
Nice!! Hopefully all of the Prelude book illustrations become wallpapers. They are all awesome.

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ezioauditore971/26/14 7:33pm
Well that was a pleasant surprise!

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zagura2/3/14 7:45am
Woah we're at 13th place on the list? :O

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Salahir2/3/14 8:21am
And we can get it higher!

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DanWithTheHat2/3/14 7:29pm
Wow, that's the highest I've ever seen DK on there. Its amazing what even one vote incentive can do on there.

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GodofVelcro2/3/14 8:30pm
Come on guys! We can at the very least get it in the top ten! And then on to world domination.

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ezioauditore972/5/14 5:48am
World domination?I approve!Seriously guys this is really helping to garner more readers to Dreamkeepers so keep it up!

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FoxBrethren6/1/15 1:15am
A new month with a Kickstarter running? We might want to try and make it up there on the list again to attract new readers from it. There's no telling what such shenanigans could bring.

I know I'll be extra diligent this month and vote every day... more than once by exploiting my cell phone's ability to gain new IP adresses with travel and free Wifi hotspots... I know that's cheating but all's fair in yada yada right?

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DanWithTheHat6/2/15 6:49pm
That type of cheating is nothing compared to all the bots pumping up Twokinds that they don't do anything about...

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FoxBrethren6/2/15 7:15pm
I only cheat like that on rare occasions. I feel Dreamkeepers deserves to get high placement on merit alone but this could boost the kickstarter so I'm making an exception for half the month... and yes I'm not insane enough to try and beat out Twokinds like that... I really don't want people to think I'm the type of person that cheats easily

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Animefan186/10/16 8:29am
Dreamkeepers has placed 10th in top 10 webcomics

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