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Avolendi2/18/13 3:30am
Original thread by: Twilight


A number of people (myself included) have whined about the number of RPs that appear all over the place and how it's out of control and how others should end before more begin and all that stuff.
Point is, there's a few things we have to consider about the RP business, and I thought I'd bring'em up here so as to ease the pain a little bit. Feel free to throw suggestions:

For Newcomers:
- Each RP has a designated topic in this section of the board. Character profiles are posted there, and then the creator of the RP will add your character somewhere in the actual RP, at which point you're free to go at it at will. Be sure to contact the creator of the RP (or make a new post in it's according thread) asking if joining is available. Some RPs may be closed.


1- Not everyone has to join every RP. How about a little mix and mash? if the same group of people are always together in an RP then it's always gonna be the same general experience (as I've come to notice). Plus, if you're busy with life as some of us are and have been, you probably shouldn't be joining a bunch of them anyway.

2- I'm not calling anyone in particular out here, but I encourage actually thinking about the RP you wanna make before you make it. Part of the reason RPs get boring and stop is because they dry out; at one point the characters find themselves with nothing to do and that never seems to go anywhere. This happens because you're dropping a bunch of characters into a sandbox realm. I'm not saying it's impossible for an awesome RP experience to be gained out of this, but really if you don't have an 'end point' then it's just not gonna end.

3- Not every RP has to be epic. This is kind of building off of 2. everyone seems to be trying to make "the most epic RP" and... well it just seems like there's other things you could do than just "another" epic. Epics are fun yes, but when that's the only thing around it just gets repetitive.

4- Take initiative. This might sound obvious, and also even somewhat obnoxious. But if characters are just going around bumping into each other like wandering bobbleheads, it stops being a story and becomes more like the sims or SL or something dumb like that. Become the main character. Don't wait for others to do something because half the time they won't be doing much anyway.

5- Addendum for 4: It's ok to compete. I know that the RPs are a shared experience, but like I pointed out earlier, following wandering bobbleheads isn't as fun as being able to follow a character and stick to it. It happens in all stories where there are multiple characters. This does not mean, however, that just because someone's being more active that others should just succumb to being in the background. As an example, look at heroes, there's a big bunch of main characters, and they ARE main characters, you can follow whoever you want, or all of them. But it's because they're all trying to be the main character that this works. It's not just one of them pointing his finger and everyone else following close behind.

6- Compact your scene. A number of people (myself included) have pointed out that sometimes it's more of a chore than anything when you read several hundred posts on two characters having a short conversation. It's not required, but it'd make everyone's lives easier if the players go together and then had one larger post about the conversation. It'd make everything easier to read, and it's just a really considerate thing to do for the other people trying to follow the story ^^;

7- This might be more of my own personal taste, but measure your posts in comparison to what you're doing. I'm willing through read through a fairly big chunk of stuff when there's more than one character interacting, or when something big's happening or whathaveyou. But I have issues when I read a huge block of text just describing how the character went upstairs, into a room and picked up a book. You don't need an essay for that, one 'maybe' two paragraphs will suffice. Saying a lot with few words, and saying nothing with lots of them makes a difference on whether your reader wants to read through it or if they don't care enough to do so. Too long, did not read was established for this reason ^^;

8- Other people are not online nearly as much as YOU are! (ooh exclamation mark) There are college students, and future college students in this forum. There's people who have things to do, busy whatever. Those people can't participate as much. That's ok, we've established that. But it becomes THAT much harder for them to participate when in the 15 minutes they get to be on the forums every day is spent reading the 4 new pages of posts they have to go through. Just 'cuz players are not present doesn't mean characters are not present. It's ok to fill them in on what's going on

9- Get to the point. I know that story's important and all, but too much story can be a bad thing. By that I mean, we don't need to have 10+ posts of the one discussion that's dragging on over the same point. Stalling is one thing, dragging on is a whole 'nother issue.... we're not Tarantino damn it XD

As I said, feel free to throw suggestions around, we may add stuff to the list, or remove some if enough people feel strongly about it.
The are NOT rules. They're just pointers that'll make everyone's lives easier in the end. You can chose to follow them or not. That's entirely up to you. This is just here for reference.

Twilight's Note (4): The reason I brought that up is 'cuz I noticed in the HvV topic that Tsukos pointed out that the heroes weren't doing much. Regardless of him saying it in a nice way or not, I tend to agree. I know that I'm partly at fault for being dumb and intentionally designing a background villain. But I'm hoping to change that soon, and I'm hoping we all learn from this.

Twilight's Note (3): This is actually kind of the reason I like Shadow's RP idea. It's not about the next epic tale. It's about a school where lots of shite seems to happen XD;;; there's probably gonna be more to do than just follow along till the next battle takes place. As in... battles are not the only thing that's fun, there is a world out there outside battling on and on.

Original post by: Lord of the Forest

I'm going to go ahead and post this from another of Twi's RP Aid topics. It breaks down a lot of how useful the chat can be towards improving the RP experience here.

+++ Qoute:
Hey everyone taking part in the RPs (or not).
At the very top of the forum pages there's a link that directs you to a chatroom.

To prevent the RPs from becoming hectic jolts of random people trying to 1-up each other at god modding, we've actually been using the chatroom to discuss the events, so that we all have a sense of where it's all going and it doesn't feel like a godmod convention.

It helps keep things interesting and organized (as you may have noticed if you've read the Dark Circle).

I've noticed that what's making this RP work so well is the discussion factor we've put into it. It's really become the players creating a compelling story as a group, rather than everyone on their own trying to become the most powerful character.

So if you're part of the RP or would like to share some ideas that you think might spice things up a bit, then by all means, check to see if there's anyone online.
The big meetings usually take place during late afternoon, Eastern time, as it seems to be when most of us are online. Just a reference, if you're interested. But also keep in mind that whatever you type in the chatroom is embedded into it, so other people will see your message (unless they themselves have posted enough to make the message disappear)

We understand that when choosing an airline you have a choice, and we appreciate you choosing Andurairlines. Have a nice day ^^

Please note that the chatroom, unfortunately doesn't feature audio. And the only way to tell if people are talking is by looking at the tab where the chatbox is. As it will no longer say "AJAX Chat" but will instead be replaced by @'username' - AJAX Chat. and the @ symbol will be moving back and forward
+++ Qoute End

Here's a link to a thread that answers quite a lot of questions on how the forum works in the roleplay aspect, mechanically >

Original post by: Lord of the Forest

Alright, I'm going to lay out a few specific rules that relate to role-plays and how we manage them in the forums. New folks, I ask you to follow these basic principles when thinking about creating a role-play.

1. If you are new to the forums, try not to make your first five posts completely focused on opening a role-play. I can tell you right now, people are going to avoid it. For one, they don't know you. They will be very uncertain of your ability to run and manage a good role-play. Take time to post in other threads, explore the forum, and go onto the Chat and get to know people. Ask questions, we appreciate any and all curiosity!

2. If you want to open and create your own role-play then you should take the time to read through some of the other threads created by the users to get an idea of what you need to include in the opening posts. For one thing, you need to be able to clarify on what the role-play will be about and the general theme. You will need character profiles, so read through different threads and see how they made theirs. A synopsis would be helpful as well, a teaser of why folks should sign up for your role-play.

3. Take time to really THINK about your role-play. I'm serious, as Twilight said, this makes a world of difference in the quality and presentation. Think about the plot, where its going to take place, different ways characters can move the story forward, the beginning and MOST IMPORTANTLY the end. Make sure there is a purpose behind it, or else all motivation for it will quickly dwindle and die. Understand whether you will be guiding folks through the story or whether it will be more of a sandbox type role=play.

4. If you are going to have your own character in your role-play you must remember that the other players come first. It is okay to have an established character that drives the plot, but the FOCUS should be on the players. If your character starts getting more stuff to do than the others you are doing something wrong.

5. Always make a sign-up thread in the Headless Room. This is where we organize role-plays. Folks flock here once a new role-play opens up and you want to make sure you have everything that will help them get an impression on what the role-play is about. Make sure you have character profiles for people to fill out.

6. Don't get bummed out if something goes wrong. Learn, become better and more knowledgeable and ask questions on what troubles you.

Original post by: Sorrel

Okay! Due to the recent influx of new members with RP interests, we should probably discuss one of the weirder sets of unwritten rules: Combo Posting.

Definition - an RP post involving more than one Player Character (PC), and more than one author because of this.

Why's this important? Because one of our big rules here is to not control another player's character. Whenever you see a post where more than one PC is doing something, it's a combo post. If not, then the poster is breaking the rules and probably gets called out in the RP's Headless thread.


1.) Get in touch with the other players involved. This can be via PM or the chatroom, whichever's more convenient. You should be able to get in touch this way fairly often, because you'll be writing your post through this medium.

2.) Take turns writing. Usually Player A starts it off, Player B continues, Player C continues again, etc. Player A usually posts it when it's finished. Note that you ARE allowed to end combo posts in cliffhangers, or in the middle of the action.


** Whose point of view is it from?

You all decide. It's okay to switch POV's as different players write, but you can also choose an "omniscient" narrator and have all players write from that perspective. Choosing a player character as the narrator for the whole post isn't recommended -- the best author for a PC is it's own player, and going against this could be mistaken for God-modding.

** Do we re-tell events from one player's writing from our own character's perspective?

You can, but it's a bit jarring to read that in the finished post. It looks like this:

+++ Qoute:
Bob punched Joe in the face. "Gimme back my sammich!" he yelled, shoving him up against the wall.

Ray gasped as Bob punched Joe. He winced as the man yelled, then grabbed Bob by the collar and pulled him away from Joe. "Dude, what the heck?"
+++ Qoute End

You can tell where one player ends and another picks up -- which in this case slows the pace of the action. Instead, use other players' writings as a springboard for your own contribution. It looks like this:

+++ Qoute:
Bob punched Joe in the face. "Gimme back my sammich!" he yelled, shoving him up against the wall.

Ray grabbed Bob's collar and pulled him away. "Dude, what the heck?"
+++ Qoute End

So there's a basic crash course in combo posting. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here and our veteran RPers will answer as best we can! 8D

Original post by: Sorrel
* Reply on where to get started when looking to join an RP *

The RP's that have been dead for a while are probably dead for good. The best way to check is to PM the roleplay's mod (or GM as we call them), if you know who they are; if not, find its corresponding thread in the Headless room and make a post asking if it's still active. There are only a handful still going, but it's worth a shot, right? XD

Once you find one that's running and open to new players, the next step really depends on the GM. Usually what happens is you make a character bio and post it in the Headless thread. What information you include is up to the GM, so you'll have to ask, or look at other players' bios and follow their lead.

After that's done, you get to jump in when the GM gives you the OK to do so. Posts are written from your character's perspective, in the third person -- it should look like an excerpt from a book, or as close to it as possible. It's a lovely little writing exercise. 8D

That should be all you need to know, or at least all that applies to every roleplay. The GM may have RP-specific rules and reg's to follow, but it's up to them to make sure you know about them before you start playing.

Good luck to you! Have fun 8D

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