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Subscribe to this thread I'm back. created by origamifan on April 27, 2018

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origamifan4/27/18 1:56pm
Okay I'm back,I..guess? I left two or three years ago when I realised that dave and liz were openly courting the alt-right and more particularly Milo Yadadeedoo. But, as time passed by I realized several things: firstly, that I had to make a difference between the artist and the person (because, let's face it, butt-kissing transphobic white nationalists in all but name isn't very nice or polite) secondly, that I already made that distinction for several other artists (for example I'm a huge fan of the metal bands Mayhem, Arcturus or Shining (the swedish band) that, for the first two, have as drummer a huge racist and homophobic prick and for the last one have a lead singer that openly cheers (or at least pretend to cheers) each time one of his fans commit suicide or mutilate himself. To stay on the furry comics, I'm also a huge fan of the chronicles of yria, co-written by matthew davis (aka the furry davis aurini). Finally I decided to come back because I was also at a time a huge shitstain that believed bullshit such as BLM is a hate group, Feminazis want to rule the world, etc, etc... For all those reasons I decided to come back while still maintaining an certain emotional distance from Dave and Liz, as being quite chummy with them contributed largely (thought it isn't the sole factor) to a crippling depression when I realized who they were siding with. A depression for which I still take a (now quite light) medical treatment.

PS: sorry if I seems pedantic or exuberant, that's a side effect of my meds.

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