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Dreamkeepers Forums - Looking For A Story (I know the forums are dead, but what the heck)

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Subscribe to this thread Looking For A Story (I know the forums are dead, but what the heck) created by PowerButton on April 10, 2018

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PowerButton4/10/18 5:06pm
(I've actually had this idea before, but the rp died then. So, here it is returning for round two)

As light quickly faded from the sky, dowsing the Margate skyline in a deep blue hue, the citizens of the district shut up shop and went their separate ways. The atmosphere was left silent and somber, as the shabby street lamps attempted to cut through a sea fog that had recently blown in. Only distant murmurs of activity could be heard, coming from far off pubs and clubs. As the minutes ticked by the Margate District began to steadily resemble a ghost town.

Despite the hour however, a few dreamkeepers sot refuge in a small diner. There it sat at the fork of two streets leading down the water. It's glowing letters gently flickering as if tired from a long day's illumination. Within, at one of the further tables, sat one dreamkeeper in particular. He was a lanky fellow currently stooped over a cup of distasteful coffee. At his side rested a small camera, its strap hanging down and off the booth.

(...and that's where we'll begin)

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joeden4/15/18 5:35pm
Walking towards the Diner Jamie grabbed his long black coat and pulled it tighter, he didn't want to be out this late but the job he finished took a little longer. Some people didn't have the decency to just drop over dead. Underneath his jacket he wore black pants and a white undershirt his tie loosened and he had a few dirt marks from the job and a bruised eye. He was a six foot tall black and gray wolf with red stripes in his hair. Noticing the diner he was a bit hungry and had "acquired" and stepped inside grabbing a seat near the back away from the people taking a menu be began reading through his options.

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