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Subscribe to this thread Webcomics created by p3nguin32 on February 18, 2013

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p3nguin328/5/15 2:00pm
Thank you Dan. I will keep that in mind for the future.

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Kymastrider8/7/15 4:36pm
One of my favorite web Comics I've been wanting to share with everyone is an old one called (Ozy and Millie)

It's set in a world much like our own but with Anthro animals, and it revolves around the adventures of two Fox Children, a boy and a girl respectively. But part of the humor is that even though Ozy's the boy he's the well behaved one, and even though Millie's the girl she's the trouble maker.

A lot of the humor is based on cultural and political stuff, it's very similar to Peanuts with a cast of anthro animals. A lot of interesting characters you meet are there parents, teachers friends, school mates, and cuisines. All of which have colorful personalities.

One thing you'll notice from year to year is how the artstyle changes and gradually improves much is the case with many webcomics. For along time this was my favorite webcomic, It started in 1998 but I first read it from my middle school years starting in 2002, up until the final Panel in 2008. It was somewhat disappointing, but then again I suppose all web comics come to an end sooner or later.

It's definitely worth checking out if you want something that's like Peanuts humor with Anthro animals.

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Vandorbelt9/3/15 8:35am
One comic that I'm not sure has been mentioned yet is called "Peter and Company"( ) which I think is not only a great webcomic, but it's also partnered with Frederator, the same company that worked with "Fairly Odd Parents" and "Adventure Time" and is currently working on a pilot episode for running an animated TV series.
The comic is funny and original, while still bringing up important issues about bullying and life as a bit of a social outcast. It's made even more interesting because of how much the author pulls from his own experiences as a child.

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Vandorbelt10/16/15 12:13pm
Here's a comic that a friend of mine from high school just started:

So far, though it's only the prologue and first page of the first chapter, it looks like it's going to be very interesting.

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Lycanphoenix10/18/15 7:57am
How about Raven Wolf?

Original Literary Novel:

Graphic Novel Adaptation:

- - - -

As far as writing goes, it is pretty good. It would fall a lot closer to fantasy than to science fiction in the later chapters, but it does have elements of both starting off. I can't get into too much detail without spoiling anything.

Also, the Literary Novel currently has 6 books, the first five having close to 20 chapters each. The graphic novel is barely a third of the way through book one though.

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Lycanphoenix10/19/15 11:11am
Also, Nwain!

Nwain (pronounced N Wayne) is a fully-animated fantasy webcomic, powered by HTML5.
It is about a night who wanders the world after her home was destroyed. Pretty straightforward.

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Aman371212/10/15 7:30am
I found most of the webcomics crude

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MobileCrusader12/11/15 2:17pm
I've honestly more or less stopped reading webcomics. I'm months or more behind on all the stuff in my favorites bar.

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