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Subscribe to this thread tvtropes Discussion created by blackhole on February 17, 2013

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blackhole2/17/13 5:15pm
So, now that Volume 3 is out, someone should probably update the tvtropes page...

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MartinSSFox2/17/13 6:16pm
I feel like the Getting Crap Past the Radar list should be either twice as long or simply taken away after V3.

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blackhole2/17/13 6:38pm
Right now it explicitly states "As of Volume 2 and beyond, the radar just gave up" so it should really be adjusted to contain only references from Volume 1, since everything else doesn't really count anymore now that we have bad guys screaming "bitch" "whore" "slut" and every other horrible curse word you can possibly imagine.

Seriously that entire scene felt like Dave metaphorically flipping off the radar.

... That should be a trope.

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DarkAnge12/17/13 9:18pm
In Volume 2 the Radar gave up. When Volume 3 got here it ran away screaming.

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CalvinCopyright2/19/13 5:04am

I added a couple tropes to the page.


Face Stealer, Blob Monster.

Remember Tendril?

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