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Subscribe to this thread What is so important about Grunn's Orphanage: The Troika are sort of (BLEEP) when you think about it created by Kymastrider on March 17, 2017

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Kymastrider3/17/17 4:53am
This might feature some harsh language but it's something I've been meaning to get off my chest for awhile.

I asked once before what purpose could that orphanage possibly serve, we know it belongs to the troika who blacklisted the property and will suspend anyone who tries to take action against it. My first impression before reading the GNS is why do they just want that small group of kids that have done nothing wrong to suffer? Why are they protecting someone as vile as Grunn?

What is so important about Grunn anyway, why do the Troika need him, why do they leave him in charge of the well being of those kids, why do they need those kids if they need them, and that's another thing.

In this panel it doesn't even sounded like they needed the kids, they just needed it to look like an orphanage?

If I was in the same room as Igrath and he told me that it wasn't to protect the kids and they were just hiding Grunn or some stupid shit like that I would feel inclined to punch him. He, Scinter or Nainso better offer a damn good explanation as to what could possibly justify the hell they put those poor kids through at the mercy of Grunn.

Part of me really hopes when there war against the nightmares is over someone somewhere at least has the decency to put Grunn on trial for child abuse. Even if he is/was a hero either during there secret underground rebellion or some past event that still doesn't excuse what he's done. or if were lucky maybe some sort of karmic justice will happen between here and the end of the story that'll stop Grunn once and for all.

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BloodyGoldKnight3/17/17 9:17am
I doubt it media tends to overlook stuff like that and such issues will likely end up being forgotten about. Further the rebels are... not particularly nice people overall outside of 1 example (bobby) all of them are violent, selfish and some are ex-criminals. That's not say they shouldn't break the law when dealing with what their dealing with but its something to consider. Now to be fair Igrath might not be a huge fan of the idea (word of god has stated he and Scinter have issues on how the rebellion should be handled) and might only be putting up with it as a compromise. Even then though Igrath is pretty selfish going so far as to use rebel assets to save his nieces, It shows he cares but if this keeps affecting his ability to lead its gonna get people killed.

basically its what you get when the fate of world is put in the hands of what TV tropes so eloquently calls: An army of thieves and whores. Their effective but their methods certainly questionable to say the least.

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Prometheus3/17/17 9:54am

He's there to stay out of trouble and keep a low profile. The orphanage is not only a safehouse, but a cover for Grunn so he doesn't have to live in the city. He's the only one to sail to the island of Logos and make it back alive, bringing with him some presumably enchanted gold coins.

Because of his allegiance to the Troika and his rather obvious social conduct, they can't really risk him being anywhere else and getting in trouble. Or, worse, killed.

As for the purpose of surrounding him with kids, I still hold the firm belief that orphanage also serves as a boot camp of sorts. Grunn abuses them and puts them through hellish labor. Some kids end up being destroyed by that kind of upbringing. Others manage to power through it and get tough as nails later on in their life. Karo once lived there and it sounds like he was as much of a thorn in Grunn's side as Mace is. Now, he's a member of Troika and Bobby and Vi soon followed. That's three orphans from Grunn's stock who ended up as members of Troika and the orphanage is a primary safehouse. It can't possibly be coincidence.

It really is immoral for them to be putting kids through Grunn's madness, but because of how uncouth and unstable he is, what else can they do? I guess they figured they might as well put his instability to use by training future members in childhood.

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BloodyGoldKnight3/18/17 5:25pm
Yeah no I'm not buying it. Traumatizing and injuring kids not how you breed soldiers or child soldiers even remotely effectively you just end up with mentally scarred psychos who would probably kill you sooner than the thing you "trained" them against. I could maybe buy this if they were drugging the kids and if Grunn was trying to train them via turning combat and war into a childs game in attempt to strip away any inhibitions to kill (which is kind of like actual military training minus the more twisted nature) but no all Grunns doing is beating the kids because he's a bully and sadist (also alcohol). The violence isn't given as a means to teach any sort of lesson that could be applicable to their work in Troika later its just pure sadism.

Him running the orphanage because any other location would be a bad idea? fair enough, but not a boot camp most of those kids clearly abhor violence because of Grunn not to mention PTSD and other mental illnesses are far FAR more likely to be the result of abuse that turning them into hardened warriors. Even in cases where it was more the latter than the former your more likely to get people like Bast: self-absorbed, selfish sociopaths who ignore the views of others almost entirely.

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