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Subscribe to this thread Website Revamp & Public Endorsement created by Prometheus on August 9, 2016

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Prometheus8/9/16 6:32pm
So, as many of you should have seen as you came in here, things are starting to change around the main website. The homepage has been updated and the rest of the site is soon to follow. This is just an FYI for all forum members that Dave is in the midst of trashing the site's co-, I MEAN, beautifying our proud website. So, in case both the homepage and forums go down, you now know the reason why. XP

Also, in even more exciting news, Dave has been hinting at a special event for a couple of weeks now and has just announced that it will happen this Friday. Somebody very recognized in the mainstream world will be publicly endorsing and showing support for the Dreamkeepers franchise this Friday. This will be a major boon for the series as a figure of popularity will surely bring some serious attention to it. It should be interesting to see what goes on and what results from it.

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TalkedSpy8/10/16 12:06am
Only the home page as of now has recently been updated to a more.....well, really more "simple" layout than the previous. Don't want to point out the obvious, but the rest of the pages will soon be altered, but I'm wondering if the section bar on the home page is temporary, or is permanent. For example, Cast will have to separate the GNS and Prelude (and possibly TWWA) into separate sections of their own with icons like the ones in Dreamworld and Galleries. Aside from those notes, I do adore the animated banner, which is a neat and appropriate touch. I also wonder if the layout of the forums will change much as well.

Now with the special event, THIS. IS. AWESOME. <3

From what I can assume guess, is this person heavily recognized throughout the publishing industry? If the event goes well, this is going to be a major milestone towards the novel finally catching an eye from the mainstream. Are there also any more details about it?

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Kafelnikov8/10/16 9:09am
David will be having a "20 questions" thing this Thursday chat (8/11) to allow people the chance to try to figure out who the mystery person is, so maybe we'll know before Friday if we can ask the right questions.

These are all very exciting times for the DK fandom. Lots of cool projects expanding the universe and hopefully a growing reader base as well. It's a pleasure to be a part of it.

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ThatDudesDude8/10/16 2:22pm
I swear if someone doesn't ask Tom Cruise as the first question I'm going to be really disappointed :)

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GodofVelcro8/12/16 8:19pm

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Digitigraderobo8/12/16 8:38pm
Well this is interesting, who knows what will happen, best case scenario is simply more DK fans. Not sure about worst case scenarios, A little scared tbh.

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Prometheus8/13/16 8:33am
Provocateurs have a tendency of bringing trouble down on their own heads. Let's hope no one with any personal beef with Mr. Yiannapoulos tries to slander the series because he advertises it. Dreamkeepers is still well enough in the dark to the general public that any rumors that are created about it could be taken at face value.

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Digitigraderobo8/13/16 10:04am
You spoke my mind Pro, that's exactly what I'm afraid could happen. People on the internet tend to just take something at face value and run with it without stopping to form their own opinion or see what's really going on. DK being advertised somewhere doesn't mean it has any affiliation with it beyond that, I hope people can see that.

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TalkedSpy8/13/16 4:32pm

Best case scenario: Many site and forum visits due to public curiosity and interest, leading towards very noticeable spike in forum users, community members, and popularity within social media, followed by increase GNS, prelude collection, and merchandise sales

Worst case scenario: FUBAR.


Milo Yiannopoulos? THE Milo Yiannolpoulos? UGH, I knew I should've attend this Thurs. chat, but noooo, I had to sleep at 4 to 8 and didn't feel like talking that day. Smh.

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BryanDimmsdale8/19/16 10:01pm
Well, it does have some disadvantages, mind you. Honestly, I like the time pace that we're in right now. I know it's kinda slow, and it does seem unproductive, but it can be worked out.

1. Since there would be more and more fans, a number of them might start requesting the GNS and Prelude updates more and more often. While it does sound good and very motivating for Dave, I am worried that some of them want it rushed and that might stress the Lillie's a bit. We are veterans here in the forum already, and are fine waiting for the next one while we enjoy the prelude and community.

2. Some people might see it in a bad light. We all know what happened here:(Looks like it's been deleted by the mods, I think it's entitled "Is DK having to much +18" or something like that). And felt sorry for him that he saw it that way, which is not what DK's all about. We do have our fanservice moment, yes I admit, but going to the porn section, people may become insecure of the amount of fanart from it.

And sponsoring from someone who was quite infamous (I trust Dave, I just don't trust the guy), that might just backfired. I know that not every comic and graphic novels have pros and cons, but starting in a bad light is not good for me, and might hurt the DK reputation. I just hope that people won't see this as another "Yiff" website in first impression.

3. The wiki needs updating, most likely the content, (even I am no excuse despite me becoming very busy all of the sudden). There's been a lot of "Needs Improvement" and one "Okay" now since the last time I checked, and Mace's profile, for one is very, very incomplete. I'm going to give great thanks Kalef and Isaac, also Pro for constantly updating the wiki, and I'm sorry that I'm in a hiatus for now.

And since there will be more and more fans and consumers, there will be more people that will be more curious and check the DK wikia. While the visuals is pretty outstanding and up to date with Dave's new layout of the website, the content is pretty lacking, and that turns people off.

So what we need to do is help Dave out by fixing the wikia, help the new incoming community to see DreamKeepers better, and try leaving suggestions from time to time on the Volunteer Army. We also have to prepare and prevent the disadvantages from happening, and trust me, being famous is not all the time "fame and glory", adjusting the community and what they like based on demand will be pretty difficult.

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Prometheus8/19/16 11:19pm

I can see where you're coming from on these pointers.

1. While most of us here are veteran fans, newcomers aren't. Their first-hand experience is only rooted to their expectations, which usually do not match the expectations of long-timers. Many new fans will probably be reasonable, others will probably push the Lillies to work outside of their comfort level. It's really hard to say how new fans will be since the Internet is as diverse as the real world itself. We'll just have to look out for the more demanding newbies and let them know how things work.

2. The adult fanart sections could be a bit concerning to newcomers, but if they had actually looked into the series before joining the forums, they would know that Dreamkeepers is not your average, kiddy fairy tale. And, at least, unlike many established franchises like Sonic, Pokemon and so forth, the subject matter of Dreamkeepers practically warrants explicit fanart to an extent.

Even then, you are correct in assuming that a sponsorship by someone like Milo could lead to fanart and perhaps even the few explicit pieces that Dave has done of the cast being used by dissenting individuals as evidence to not read the series. Considering Milo's infamy, you have a valid concern here.

3. Now that you mention it, I have had plans to tackle Mace and Igrath for a few days now. I think the reason that Mace has been ignored up to this point is due to how much page time he has. He has been featured the most in this series, so there is a LOT to write about him. The Wikia will grow, we just need to buckle down on it a bit more or get some extra help.

Many new fans who show up here will have super high expectations. When is this not the case? As they will get to know this series and the two people behind it, their expectations will lower and they will settle in like the rest of us have. Correcting fans on any misinformation by the hostile and malicious will be the biggest challenge.

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BryanDimmsdale8/21/16 12:30am
IS the forum going to have huge updates with extra features though?

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ZycantAlpha8/22/16 5:39pm
I'm not sure that it will. The other parts of the site need revamping just because they're out of date, but I suspect Dave's going to see the forum as a functional part - it does what it needs to. In other words, if he does want it changed/updated, then it's likely going to be low on the priority list.

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Prometheus8/22/16 8:09pm
Isn't this forum just about as old as the previous one was? I didn't join the first forum until around '11, then we moved over to here in '13. This place is already three years old.

That notwithstanding, there have been some issues here and there with the forum that we have been waiting to resolve, as well as the addition of features that other forums already have. One such issue that has been ongoing is the button by each forum subsection that automatically marks all threads in the subsection as read when clicked. That hasn't been working for a little over a year now. Going thru each thread in a subsection to mark it is extremely tedious, especially if you happen to have slow internet.

As for features, the ability to modify text with bolding, italics and so on are almost a must-have when trying to convey specific words with meaning. I have had many a moment where I wanted to use such features in my comments, but had to resort to putting words inside stars.

After three years, I just think this place could use some patching and sprucing up just as much as the main site. I would hope that Dave at least considers it and makes plans for it in the future.

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