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Reagent7/8/16 9:51pm
Name: Marshall “Reagent” Stoikos

Gender: Male

Age: 21 (DK Volume 1 time-frame)

Height: 6’ 1”

Affiliation: Eridu Smugglers, Anduruna Bootleggers, Diony Smugglers (Former), Troika

Skill Set: Tough, Agile, Resilient, Quick Shot, Pugilist, Survivalist, Beast Handler

Power: Pain/Fatigue Numbing,
-Allows him to manipulate his own perception of pain and exhaustion. When used, Reagent may force his body to preform beyond typical levels of Dreamkeeper endurance, allowing him to shrug off serious injuries and remain in motion long after his opponents have tired themselves out.
-The Power does not protect him from the eventual effects of fatigue and injury. If he runs out of calories or nutrients to burn, he will simply collapse. The same can be said for injuries sustained while the power is active. All sensations of agony instantly return as soon as the power is deactivated, usually after the immediate threat is gone.

-Born in the heavily conservative Theophanies District, Marshall found himself subjected to the teachings of Sacrare from a young age. However, after ending up on the wrong side of one of the districts prominent families, Marshall’s father was forced to uproot his family and relocate them out of the city.
-Moving to a remote ranch on the edge of the Eridu Delta, close to the Diony Border, Marshall suffered from a dramatic culture shock. The sudden transition to a rural lifestyle left him at something of a loss, looking for some place to fit in.
-Fortunately, he found that place. Unfortunately, it was in the unsavory company of the Eridu Underworld. In his early teens, he fell in with a band of Desert Smugglers, earning some extra income on the side by sneaking boxes of small time contraband through the Delta to the ports.
-By his late teenaged years, Stoikos had spent some time travelling the Diony desert with a pack of seed smugglers. Traveling from underground spring to underground spring, the group braved the dangers of the desert for choice Diony Seeds difficult to find on the legal markets. Those years in the desert taught him how to survive the harsh wilderness conditions, how to train pack and guard beast, and how to hold his own against bandits.
-Becoming increasingly connected to the blossoming bootlegging industry in Anduruna, Marshall adopted the callsign of “Reagent” as he began to work more and more with buyers in the city proper, forgoing the expense of an extra middleman. Eventually, Reagent was contacted by a “private investor”, who offered him work to use his experience for a “good cause”. Thinking it to simply be another job, he accepted, only to find himself mugged unconscious and awoke to harsh interrogation.
-After revealing he had little love for the Central City Authority, Marshall received a formal invitation to the “Troika”. Though only given a rough idea as to its purpose, Reagent took the job, seeing it as a chance for steady employment. The Troika provided him with much greater resources, back-up, and something he’d felt he’d been missing ever since he left Theophanies… a moral compass.
-Reagent took jobs from the Troika and formed close friendships with many other operatives, while maintaining some freelance operations on the side. During one particular mission gone awry, Reagent ended up shot in the chest only to have his power activated for the first time. Able to shrug off the injury for long enough to complete the mission and evacuate, he was rewarded with a special prototype springer revolver of Scinter’s design (Though allegedly, it was a rejected prototype the inventor was trying to get rid of anyway)

-First appearances may have one perceive Marshall as a laid back and good-humored character, if a bit of a cynic at times. His time in the desert left him with a degree of cockiness that has been the cause of many a misadventure.
-The teachings of Sacrare Morality never quite left Reagent, despite his criminal streak. Though often at odds with his more pragmatic nature, working for the betterment of Anduruna has given him something of a conscience.
-His time in the harsh Diony Desert left Reagent with a strong survivalist mentality. Though his time with the Troika has wizened him up somewhat, it is difficult for him to avoid being, at times, practically minded to the point of callousness.

Combat Style:
-Spending time among the unsavory characters of the Dreamworld, Reagent has picked up multiple dirty fighting tricks, and is not above delivering a swift kick to the jimmies, a handful of sand to the face, or a punch to the gut.
-Unlike the more graceful forms of Martial Combat found in Anduruna’s upscale districts, the Eridu/Diony method for hand-to-hand combat is much more direct and pugilistic. Not above using his claws in combat, Marshall has learned quite a bit about beating things up with his fist.
-Although he has some experience with longer ranged springers from hunting jumpers in the desert, Reagent is more familiar with side arms. Their smaller size makes theme easier to sneak past CCA checkpoints and a lot more practical in the cramped streets and alleyways of the city.
-Though Reagent’s offensive skills are often based around hard-hitting attacks at close quarters, the sensitive nature of his work often requires him to adopt guerilla tactics, distracting or incapacitating a foe long enough to get himself and his contraband out of sight.
-When working with a Squad, Reagent can utilize his fatigue resistance and hard-hitting revolver for close-quarters ambush tactics. Able to move and fight tirelessly as long as his power is active, he can often win through sheer attrition.

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