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Subscribe to this thread The Wayward Astronomer created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2016

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Kafelnikov4/4/16 8:02pm
Great news guys! We've hit our third stretch goal for an extra art print, and the 4th one is in reach here in the final 48 hours of the campaign!

Also, we've opened a new high-level tier that includes original signed and framed artwork from David Lillie. Thanks for your support!

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TalkedSpy4/5/16 6:54pm
Just got the VISA card and backed the project! Hope your kickstarter goes well Kafe! <3

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Kafelnikov4/6/16 7:37pm
The campaign concluded today, reaching a final tally of $32K! Thank you everyone for your support. I'll announce updates here and on Kickstarter as needed regarding the production process.

Thanks again for helping make my dream, and Dreamkeepers as a whole everything it can be.

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TalkedSpy4/6/16 9:35pm
Well done my good sir. Well done.

*tips hat*

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Prometheus4/7/16 11:11am
Congratulations on your campaign, Kaf. :D All good series come with fan-written novels. And, yours is the first. ^^

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Kafelnikov4/16/16 1:05pm
Breaking news guys, The Wayward Astronomer will be FULLY ILLUSTRATED! Even though we missed that stretch goal I'm covering the cost difference myself, so this book will become everything I want it to be.

Check out the update on Kickstarter for a sneak peak of the artwork!

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Prometheus4/17/16 11:06am
Wow, that is awesome, man! :D Big congrats to getting to this big step.

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AlcorTheMonkey4/25/16 8:15pm
Woah, Congratulations! :D It makes me happy to see such an awesome project get funded ^^

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Ferrous5/5/16 2:01pm

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Kafelnikov6/27/16 7:54pm
A new update for the Kickstarter has been posted here:

It features a ton of epic artwork David's put together. I hope you all enjoy!

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Prometheus7/1/16 8:51pm
It keeps getting better and better. :D Congrats, man.

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TalkedSpy7/4/16 6:19pm
Just downloaded that .zip file for the 4k wallpapers recently! Unfortinually, my computer is jacked, and I can't open them on my tablet. Gonna go see if I can view them once I get my new laptop. Congrats again on this Kafe! <3

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