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Subscribe to this thread >>>OPERATION SIDEWINDER<<< created by Dreamkeepers on February 26, 2016

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Dreamkeepers3/5/16 10:16am

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Dreamkeepers3/5/16 10:19am

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ZycantAlpha3/5/16 11:01am
Oh, so THAT'S why you included Escapist. Didn't realize they'd do an article on Zootopia, so I just figured it was an arbitrary one to generally spread the word.

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Dreamkeepers3/6/16 7:15pm
Alright- it's Sunday night, I've plastered Twitter with Sidewinder posts for the weekend- I think it's time to wind it down and assess the damage!

My opinion: Op successful. There were times scrolling through the #Zootopia tag when Dreamkeepers images and promos were prominent every 5th or 6th post.

Over the weekend, the Dreamkeepers twitter account logged over 7,000 new profile visits, 425 mentions, over 50 totally new followers, and-

Nearly 90,000 Tweet impressions.

Ninety thousand!

Engagements are generally considered a more meaningful measure of user interest- and we logged nearly 5,000 engagements.

What do all those numbers really boil down to? Hell if I know.

But I know we have new readers that hadn't heard of Dreamkeepers before, because they talked with me and told me so, plus a flood of new traffic on the GNS page of the website. And all those impressions add up- even if people go about their business, the image sticks, and makes them more susceptible to future campaigns. The next time they see Dreamkeepers, it'll tickle the back of their mind, and make them more inclined to actually stop and take a peek.

And what's more?

Some of the twitter posts are continuing to pull down new impressions. Many were strategically placed in response to fanart and official postings that I predicted would be high-traffic, so they're still engaging viewers.

Not to mention the Dreamkeepers comments sprinkled throughout Zootopia articles- from Entertainment Weekly, to Variety, to Forbes, to IGN and the Escapist, and more.

Thanks you guys- your retweets, posts, and efforts helped show that there's a following here, one worth joining.

I'm winding Sidewinder down from my end- our twitter followers have been getting deluged with my constant posting, so I don't want to extend it past the weekend. But if anyone wants to continue on their own recognizance- well, I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to. 8 )

Thank you again- Dreamkeepers as a series is viable for one reason, the readers. And you're the most supportive and incredible of the bunch. Thank you! Solid work! We kicked some ass together.

Time for more art. E)

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Reagent3/6/16 7:28pm
It's been an honor, chief.

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Ferrous3/6/16 7:33pm
We're proud to help.

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Prometheus3/6/16 7:42pm
Apologies for not being as active in this endeavor as I had hoped. I will have to make up for that as the hype proceeds to die down over the next week.

In either case, congratulations on your success. ^^

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Javelin3/6/16 8:41pm
Cheers! :D

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Kirito3/7/16 3:48am
Happy to help anytime. I had a blast!

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