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Dreamkeepers Forums - FACTION WAR: The Trial [MAIN PAGE]

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Subscribe to this thread FACTION WAR: The Trial [MAIN PAGE] created by SerafinoDragonTamer on February 17, 2016

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/17/16 5:27pm
The Trial is ruthless. Held on a legendary island in the Alchera Ocean, said to have been raised during the ancient Nightmare wars to train Dreamkeepers, the Trial pits victims against dangers that even Nightmares would cower before.

Once lost to time, the Trials have risen again. You and your team have been taken from the relative safety of your Faction. You awake in a dark room with a lit door and a thick envelope and three suicide pills.

Are you brave enough to open the envelope?

Or will you take the easy way out?

Factions! Pick your teams and comment your usernames below along with your respective faction.

The first faction to post their three champions gets rewarded.

The last faction to post their three champions gets punished.

Best of Luck. All Faction wide updates are posted here.

~ Reagent
~ Joeden
~ Tex


~ Javelin
~ ZycantAlpha

~ Sukotto
~ Sanicide
~ TheDeadlyFB

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Reagent2/17/16 5:31pm
Troika Grun(n)t Reagent, standing By.

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joeden2/17/16 9:01pm
Troika Grunnt Joeden Standing by

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FerelFiirya2/18/16 9:44am
I've been meaning to try my hand at an RP scenario for some time, this seems like an interesting opportunity. :) Hmmm, but if I join as Fiirya or Ferel it would be an uncontested starting advantage for Troika & the Grunnts. I could try with my Nightmare: Sanicide; he's Ferel's primary antagonist, capable of possessing a weakened Dreamkeeper and fragmenting himself to control & enhance his host's body and slowly break their mind. On his own with no host, he has little power apart from moderate combat strength and proficiency, but wearing an opponent down is enough for him to begin his true work.

I'm probably sabotaging my shot at the 3rd Troika spot, but I suppose there's plenty of opportunities for them in the other threads. What do you guys think of Sanicide as a potential entrant?

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Reagent2/18/16 11:09am
I'd say do Nightmare, we could use some people for the other teams

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Sukotto2/18/16 12:09pm
It's been a while since I've been around the forums... I'm not particularly specialized in RPs at all, but I do wanna give it a shot since Kiaran is good with this stuff.

Sign me up with the bad dream team.

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Tex2/18/16 3:52pm
Tex here, I'm the Troika Grunnt

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Javelin2/18/16 7:32pm
Can NK be vigilant as well?

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ZycantAlpha2/18/16 10:37pm
ZycantAlpha, Neon Knives. Let's do this thing.

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FerelFiirya2/19/16 6:59am
(Sorry for the delayed decision. Fiirya and a Nightmare-free Ferel wish their fellow Troika/Grunnts success on their quest!)
Nightmare Sanicide joins the fray!

"The last host was not properly broken... We must find one more suitable for us!"

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joeden2/19/16 11:02am
feral I think it might be a little late for that

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TheDeadlyFB2/19/16 11:15am
TheDeadlyFB, Nightmares. (It was either that or Neon Knives. Truly a difficult choice.)

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