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Subscribe to this thread DK Telegram Chat Room ( closed.... for now) created by DanWithTheHat on December 8, 2015

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DanWithTheHat12/8/15 9:36am
Update! As of right now, we will be closing registration for the DK chat room as we are using the room for other purposes at this moment. If a new DK room comes live, this post will be updated with the information and re-stickied.

Old rules below for reference:

We have been working on a new chat room to use for chat with fellow Dreamkeepers fans for sometime. Thanks to some good programming by DraonCC, we've got a new chat room made up with a Dreamkeepers bot in telegram. Telegram is purely text chat and it is much less resource intensive than Skype. It is also very mobile friendly.

Because this is a new chat room, the rules and how you can join are a bit different as access to the chat room is controlled by the bot now. The chat info is below.

1. Conduct yourself as if you were communicating in real life. Please avoid text speak and use proper grammar as much as possible.
2. Stay Civil! Do not use hateful or discriminatory speech against other chat users.
3. Engage in arguments at your own risk. Disagreements will happen. Please keep discussions constructive and civil (Rule 2).
4. Do not spam the chat with random chat, stickers, pictures and links. Stickers and preview content should be posted sparingly and with context.
5. While occasional swearing is allowed, not safe for work (NSFW) chat, stickers and direct picture posts are not. NSFW links (Fan Art, Music, etc.) are allowed if tagged as NSFW and for preview content with the preview pane removed.
6. If you decide to repeatedly leave the chat with malicious intent (eg. in a fit of anger, etc.) you will be permanently banned from the Dreamkeepers Chat Room. If you read and understood these rules, admit Wisp is the best thing in the DK series.


The enforcement process begins with a warning for typical offenses. Repeated offenses will be followed by a kick or a ban depending on the severity of the offense. Disregarding a warning by a moderator will instantly result in a kick.


To join, you will need to message @DreamkeepersBot on Telegram. Simply write “/member register 8138827” and follow the bot’s instructions.
The bot will inform you of the rules. By registering, you oblige to read and comply with them. In case of misunderstandings, ask a Moderator or Administrator.
The bot will also send you a link. Click that link or open it with the Telegram application to join the room. We kindly ask you to not share that link and not abuse it by leaving and rejoining repeatedly.


Q: Why a chat?
A: Chatting is the easiest way of staying in touch with friends over long distance in real time. Seeing as the forum can be a bit slow, we want to promote real time conversations among community members to help and build a pleasant environment for everyone. Of course, both methods of communication have their advantages and drawbacks, so we try to not favour one over the other to keep a good balance, and embrace the forum just as much as we do the chat.

Q: What will I find when entering the chat?
A: Us, the Dreamkeepers community! Or that part of it that decided to join exciting discussions in a friendly, open environment. And don’t worry, it’s not just to Dreamkeepers discussions - it’s a place intended to let you meet like-minded people and have a good time. Any topic is welcome, so long you abide to the rules.

Q: Who is this “Creator” guy?
A: Creator is a moderation bot used by @DreamkeepersBot to execute administrative power. He will never send you a message or answer to your messages (If he does, you should report that to @DraonCC on Telegram immediately).

Q: How do I view what people are in the chat?
A: Type “/list”. @DreamkeepersBot will reply with the full list of chat members, even those not currently in the group. This list contains Names, Usernames and the user’s permission level (User, Mod, Admin). For more information, like how to search for specific users, type “/help list”.

Q: User, Mod, Admin… but what does it all mean?
A: In the Dreamkeepers chat, we make use of a hierarchic power model to moderate the chat.
Users have no executive power over anyone, but can use everything else in the chat.
Mods or moderators have moderate (pun intended) executive power, they can kick and even temporarily ban people from the group.
Admins or administrators have maximum executive power. In addition to all previous privileges, they can ban people permanently, promote users to mods (and demote them again) and even promote users to admins. Additionally, they will review all temporary bans. So if you ever feel like you’ve been punished unfairly by a mod, ask an admin for help.
Lastly, there’s an “Owner”, not to be confused with the Creator moderation bot.
The Owner of the Dreamkeepers chat is @DraonCC. While he does have full executive power, just like admins, he’s more of the technical manager of the chat. If you ever have a technical question about the bot or anything similar, just ask him.

Q: I feel like I’ve not been treated fair by a moderator! Help?
A: If there’s any concern of abuse of executive power, send an inquiry to an admin who will review the abuse. Our admins may not be available for a day or two, but they are reliable and trustworthy. We’ll get back to you once the case is reviewed. No whining please.

Q: Can I invite someone?
A: Sure, we welcome new users! Please bear in mind to only invite people who have read at least some of the Dreamkeepers comics already and want to discuss it.

Q: How can I contribute?
A: Your intent is very welcome and we invite anyone to contribute to the chat in a constructive manner. If you want to support us, the moderators and admins, simply report incidents and help us ensure everything in the chat and elsewhere is in order with the rules. If you prove to be eager to help, reliable and unbiased, you may even be offered a Moderator or Admin spot among our team.
If you wish to help the chat evolve from a more technical side and possess skills in JavaScript (preferred), Lua, PHP, C or any other programming or scripting language, you should message @DraonCC on Telegram. There’s always more planned features to develop.

Q: I have another Telegram group and want to use the @DreamkeepersBot in there.
A: @DraonCC: Go on ahead, it’s my pleasure. You can add him anywhere you want, though some functionalities will be restricted (Like group moderation). If you want to use these too, just message me on Telegram and we can talk about the technical details.

Q: I have another question/suggestion/complaint.
A: Just ask questions in the forums or contact anyone through other means. Particularly the chat admins should be able to help you out. We’re very open to suggestions and will listen to your complaints and do our best to help you out! This chat was made by the community for the community, and you as a community member can help the rest of us shape it.
For technical inquiries concerning the chat, message @DraonCC on Telegram.

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MobileCrusader12/8/15 10:35am
I think I successfully registered.

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Kirito12/8/15 10:42am
Awesome! I'll join it when I get home.

Edit: Joined!

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