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Subscribe to this thread Raffle! created by Kirito on November 23, 2015

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Kirito11/23/15 9:27am
I'm doing a free art raffle, feel free to join!

If you have an account on any of the sites I'd appreciate if you would drop me a watch- otherwise just comment here and I'll add you!

Prizes include simple background pictures of whatever you'd like (SFW, however) and can include your original Dreamkeepers to use here.

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Prometheus11/23/15 10:14am
"Simple background pictures of whatever you'd like"

YES! >:3

"(SFW, however)"

NOOOOOO! WHYYYY? D: Curse contradictions!

XD j/k j/k. I think I'll join in on this. I'll leave a comment and even post up a journal for ya. ^^

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Kirito11/23/15 10:17am


We'll see >8)

Thank you very much! I'll add you after you drop a comment.

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Prometheus11/23/15 11:34am

No problem, Kit. X3 I also just finished my journal. ^^

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