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Subscribe to this thread Hi everyone! created by Hachura38 on October 8, 2015

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Hachura3810/8/15 6:03pm
Hey guys, fancy being part of the DK forum now. I've seen Dreamkeepers for years, started an active art hobby on deviantart this year (even though it says I created it 3 year ago)
and after some thoughts I finally decided to wind up here. At first I didn't have much interest and some forum topics still don't appeal to me, but now I'm coming around and I'll try to appear at least a few times. Thank you for reading.

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Thegunner1810/10/15 8:11am
Hi, welcome to the forums, Hachura! :) Hope you find something that you feel like getting involved with. Have fun!

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ZycantAlpha10/10/15 7:13pm
Welcome to the group, Hachura!

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