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Subscribe to this thread Operation Vulcan created by Javelin on September 21, 2015

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Javelin9/21/15 8:25pm
Location: Anduruna Gov occupied huge oil facility, Dessert
Javelin ( Assault
Valkyrie ( Medic
Brusilov ( Heavy Riot Control
Tarkin ( Heavy Chopper Pilot
Demokleas ( Demolition
Sentry ( Sniper

Mission: steal 4 Gas tanks obliterate the rest.

Optional: Search Offices, Confirm Dark dream keeper presence, nightmare etc

Leverage: Hostages, Black Mail CEO, Black Mail Government officials

Plan B: extraction by roof

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PowerButton10/7/15 5:39pm
HI PERSON! Is this still a thing?

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Nix10/7/15 6:07pm

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Javelin10/7/15 8:35pm
Yeah I'm going to have to manage this In headless room

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